SPRINT research project joins OSLC

The SPRINT research project, a consortium of tool vendors, research institutes, and system suppliers, is joining the OSLC community.

Below is the letter that Andreas Keis (also of EADS Innovation Works) posted to our OSLC-Website mailing list:

Since July 2011, the European research project SPRINT (http://www.sprint-iot.eu/), a consortium of seven partners from industry, research organisations and tool vendors, has chosen OSLC as a key part of its platform architecture for interoperability. The first level of adopting OSLC began with the Architecture Management (AM) domain and will follow up with adopting the Change Management (CM), Requirements Management (RM) and Quality Management (QM) domains. The SPRINT platform supports the collaborative design, verification & validation, simulation (including Hardware in the Loop - HiL), and integration of cyber-physical systems in a distributed environment over the internet. SPRINT develops new approaches for "Internet of Things" and evaluates its results based on a real-world use case.

The SPRINT tool providers shall adopt the OSLC specifications and methodology and will work with the OSLC community to evaluate the enhancement of the specifications according to their needs.

The SPRINT project will share its OSLC use cases with the community as well as within its collaboration with other European, national and international organisations and projects.

The SPRINT project has appointed an OSLC liaison and evangelist person to coordinate these activities with the OSLC community and other projects.

The official SPRINT web page includes an OSLC endorsement and collaboration statement. In addition, the first SPRINT collaboration platform prototype has adopted code from the OSLC reference implementation RIO (now Lyo).

We are looking forward to working with you!

We feel the same! Welcome aboard.