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This is meant to be an evolving document of the History of OSLC. Everyone is encouraged to contribute, even if it is simply something like “our company released our OSLC-based integration on this date”.
(See also: the highlight chart)



  • June: OSLC initiative and community announced at the Rational software conference
  • OSLC Change Mgmt 1.0 workgroup begins



  • OSLC Core WG created to provide a common foundation for OSLC V2 specs


  • Eclipse Lyo project created
  • OSLC Communications WG founded to expand the industry awareness of OSLC
  • OSLC community begins serious expansion beyond ALM starting with the ALM-PLM interoperability WG


  • May: parts of OSLC Core V2 contributed to W3C to serve as the foundation of the LDP WG
  • June: OSLC governance model matures, Steering Committee created with representatives from:
    • Accenture, Creative Intellect, EADS, IBM, Siemens, and Tasktop
  • Performance Monitoring and Resource Reconciliation WGs created (ISM)
  • August: the SCM spec, which was never finalized is deprecated (the first deprecated OSLC spec)
    • a new WG, OSLC Configuration Mgmt is created to address broader topics of configurations


  • January: Automation 2.0 specification finalized
  • May: MS created
  • July: LDP Last Call Draft
  • July: Boeing elected
  • September: Tracked Resource Set 2.0 specification finalizing
  • October(?): Core TC created at OASIS


  • The Silent Year


  • February: Linked Data Platform 1.0 is a W3C Recommendation
  • March: open-service.net redesigned (Nice Lee!)