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OSLC Change Management September 27, 2012

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Steve Speicher took us through supporting scenario and current attachments implementations (ClearQuest, RTC, Bugzilla).

We discussed current attachment draft. Sam Padgett raised concern about using the same URI for attachment metadata as RDF and attachment content. Looked at some alternatives:

  • Having a separate Attachment resource. (Dismissed because this makes creation more difficult. See attachments draft.)
  • Using reified statements
  • Using Accept headers, e.g. application/rdf+xml and application/octet-stream
  • Using query parameters to determine if you get metadata or the actual attachment when performning a GET on the attachment URI

Next steps are to investigate these alternatives further offline and determine if they are better than the current proposal.


Sam Padgett, Bryan Hogan, Steve Speicher, Brian Steele