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OSLC Change Management October 10, 2013

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Community Updates

Steve: Working on OASIS CCM charter (Change Management, Configuration Management, Asset Management). Trying to find co-proposers (5 people from 2 organizations needed).

Specification Issues

No open CM issues.

Main Agenda


Sam and Steve gave summary of meeting with John and Martin from Automation workgroup.

Discussion on what this means for CM. Thinking is that the current CM actions proposal fits in with the generic actions proposal from Automation. CM workgroup can limit the meaning of an oslc_cm:Action (e.g., actions must always be POST) in the CM spec. The CM workgroup will then monitor the general actions proposal as it is evolves in Core.

Action Item: Sam will update CM actions wiki to give an example of POST body content and add a separate section showing how CM action should look with the proposed Core actions vocabulary.

We will discuss CM types in a future meeting.

Attendees: Sam Padgett, Steve Speicher, Brian Steele.