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Time: 11:00AM Eastern US (Currently 3pm UTC, 5pm CET)


Chair: Martin

  • Issues
    • Automation Specification Version 2.0 Issues
      • None open
    • Automation Specification 2.1 Feedback
      • “From “outside” the 2.1 draft looks very good, but gets increasingly harder to grasp. I’m a bit concerned that both the automation specification and OSLC as a whole is growing at a speed and in a form, where the original goal of simplicity and sticking to what is necessary for or needed by most applications, is not fulfilled anymore.” - Email 9th May. Response 14th May.
  • Main agenda items:
    • Review 15 May minutes
    • Automation 2.1 & Actions
      • OASIS OSLC Core TC assigned reviewers. No feedback yet.
      • Clarifications made to http://open-services.net/wiki/core/Exposing-arbitrary-actions-on-RDF-resources/#pattern-immed-dialog - mailing list thread
    • “Availability”
      • Tim to produce second draft
    • Suggestion on mailing list: progress indication
      • Discussed previously that it might be good to be seen to accept the suggestion. Does anyone have time to work on it?
    • Workgroup business
      • Next meeting 26th June (Martin away 19th June)
    • AOB

Actions from previous meetings

  • John - To talk to people in Tivoli for SM about interest in Availability spec.



Tim, Martin, John, Steve

Resolutions passed

  • Approved minutes of meeting on 2014-05-15.
  • Minor wording correction in Actions 2.0 specification.


  • Complxity:
    • SS will have a look if he finds time
    • Suggestions: Not taking too many words. Starting with simple examples.
  • Actions:
    • Proposal: “This interaction pattern consists of the consumer displaying a delegated UI dialog to a user for them to perform the action immediately, and waiting for the action to be completed or canceled before returning to the consumer.” - MP
    • No objections
  • Availablity: - Tim working on it. Hope to deliver something in the next few days.
    • JA: Suggested we have fewer meetings. Hold the slot, and only have the meeting if there is anything that we know to discuss the day before.
    • Consensus.
  • Progress indication:
    • People don’t have time to work on it right now.
    • As Availablity is delayed, we could ask Rupert if he now or in the near/mid-term future would be available to join the WG to roll it together with Availablity review cycles, etc.
    • PROMCODE may have something to reuse.