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Collaboration / Partnerships with other organizations

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remark: page needs to be updated according to the final topic template

Why to collaborate / partner with other organizations ….

  • The community for interoperability in engineering environments can only be successful if the different initiatives working in this area collaborate and partner with each other rather than competing. There are many organizations with different backgrounds sharing the vision of integrated engineering environments. Sometimes they are promoting different approaches than linked data based loose coupling (e.g. via exchange formats). These approaches should not be seen as competitors to OSLC, but complementary approaches which can also be appropriate in some scenarios.
  • Therefore it is the aim of OSLC to approach as many of these organizations as possible and check with them whether they are willing to collaborate.
  • The form of collaboration can be different for the different organizations. It is preferable to have a formal relations ship between the legal entities representing the communities e.g. liaison between the OASIS OSLC member section and the association of community X.
  • Some partnerships are already established (e.g. with INCOSE, ProsSTEP iViP, ..). A complete list of partner organization and contact point can be found be here: overview of partner organizations at OASIS OSLC Wiki
  • Besides the formal relationship, it is desirable to initiate common activities with the partner organization:
    E.g. joint events, working groups, promoting each others activities, publications, …

should we add examples for common activities

to be discussed: where to keep the overview of partner organizations (here or on OASIS-OSLC?)
the info on OASIS-OSLC is only accessable for OASIS members

Partner organizations overview

  • Current partner organizations and contact points

    Partner Org Partner Contact OSLC contact partnership since partnership type
    ProSTEP iViP Dr. Steven Vettermann Rainer Ersch Jan. 2015 liaison
    INCOSE Axel Reichwein? Andreas Keis? ??? ???
    ??? ???
  • candidates for additional partnerships

    Partner Org Partner Contact OSLC contact partnership since partnership type
    OMG? ??? ???
    ARTEMIS-IA? ??? ???
    OASIS-ICT? ??? ???
    ??? ???