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Overview of the OSLC Vision Topics

… what we have collected so far:

  • this is unstructured and will be clustered in topics
  • topics will be described in separate pages
  • the overview of topics will be available in OSLC Vision Table of Content


preliminary/proposed topics are marked with <prio>
agreed topics are marked with priority <1><3>
strikethrough means added to TOC , work in progress or done
The numbers of the backlog list are links to notepad pages for each items.

The should be referred in the TOC with the title of the topic.


ID title prio owner started
101 OSLC Vision statement <2> Bola? 16-03-08
102 Interoperability Patterns <prio>
103 Cooperation/Collaboration with other organizations <2> Rainer 16-03-08
104 Position of OSLC in the scope of IoT <2> Jim 16-03-08
105 Scope of OSLC (Dev, all of Engineering, other) <prio>
106 OSLC and IOT (duplicate of 104?) <prio>
107 What belongs to OSLC
(OASIS-OSLC, Lyo, GitHub/OSLC, role and ownership of open-services.net)
108 update FAQs <prio>
109 revise ‘Terms of use’ esp. for User Groups (http://open-services.net/terms/) <2>
110 recruiting additional members for the OSLC community (OASIS-OSLC MS) <prio>
111 migration of OSLC V2 specs to OASIS-OSLC <prio>
112 clarify relationship to microservices, API Gateways, and ReqIF <prio>
113 should OSLC focus on IT/ALM, Systems, or Both? <prio>
114 =next item= <prio>


ID title prio owner started
201 OSLC4JS? <2> Jim 16-03-08
202 the future of OSLC Domains <2> Jim 16-03-08
203 OSLC security (authentication, authorization) <2> Jim 16-03-08

other (Action Items)

ID title prio owner plan date
901 Template for topic pages <2> Ginny 22-03-08?
902 Quick Markdown user guide and style guide (one-pager or combined with 901) <2>

Input from the 01/2016 Steering Committee Meeting:

strikethrough means topic dropped, added to Backlog, work in progress or done (see TOC)

The What…

OSLC vision:

  • cover technical as well as organizational topics
  • define the scope of OSLC e.g.
    • SW development environments
    • Engineering environments
    • other ?
  • address the question:
    • “what is the next big thing in OSLC”
  • define how to collaborate with …
    • other members of the MS
    • with other MSs of OASIS
    • with other organizations
  • define the position of OSLC in the scope of IoT
  • be crisp and clear (for different types of audiences: top management, active members, practitioners, …)

OSLC mission:

  • What are we trying to solve or make better, and where do we want or need to get to in the next 2-5 years?
  • This is needed to orient ourselves and our initiatives/activities.

The When…

  • should start right away.
  • A progress timeline should be set. Additional factors to consider:
  • Can go public with an initial work-in-progress type announcement aligned with the annual OSLC community update (sometime between May - July… tbd). Invite the community for input at that time.
  • Other possible events for announcement:
    • final CRYSTAL event (early-mid June)
    • Incose event (June/July)
    • OSLC Webcast (June/July)
    • other ?
  • Need to provide guidance to Communications WG as we make progress so that they can plan for 2016 activities to support the work-in-progress vision and mission.
  • Finalization in Q3

The How and Where..

  • a core team should work on a draft (to be efficient, the core team should have up to 4 members)
  • other StC members and invited participants can provide feedback at any time
  • at a later stage (tbd) the whole community should be invited to provide feedback
  • a working environment (similar to the OSLC user group environment) shall be installed on opens-services.net with access restrictions to core team, OSLC StC, and some invited contributors; at the later stage, this should be opened up to the whole community. (details of the working environment tbd with Ginny[webmaster]).


  • how to call the activity?
    • OSLC vision
    • OSLC vision/mission
    • the future of OSLC
  • who should/wants to be on the core team?
    • volunteers from the meeting: Bola, Andreas, John, Rainer
    • final definition of the team pending