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Estimation and Measurement Working Documents

Working Documents

The EMS 1.0 specification is described by the following documents:

Design Considerations

At present there is not a lot of specific OSLC design guidance other than the general accepted principles held by the Web community. However, due to the variety of valid design styles, we expect that OSLC will at some point in the future be more prescriptive so that there is more consistency across the family of OSLC specifications. See OSLC Common Architecture for the of topic currently under discussion.

Our intention is to proceed in the absence of specific OSLC design guidance, but to align with that guidance in a timely fashion after it becomes available. We expect that the experience gained in this workgroup will help to inform the general OSLC design principles.

The following pages discuss design considerations:

Document Status

As we work on documents, we'll assign them a status that describes their lifecycle state. See Document Status for definitions.


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