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Document Status


This is a Working Draft.


This workgroup uses a fairly informal process. However, we feel it is useful to adopt some guidelines as we advance documents from the conceptual stage through to the final stage. This document describes the informal lifecycle that we have adopted.

Working Draft

A Working Draft is a preliminary version of a document that has not been formally approved by the working group. Information contained in working drafts is subject to frequent change. This is especially true of the XML formats. Anyone can edit it and comment on it. However, edits should attempt to keep the document in a relatively self-consistent state. For example, a change in XML format should be made consistently in all examples.

Review Draft

A Review Draft is an advanced version of the document. Anyone can make minor edits, e.g. for spelling, grammar, formatting, linking. Major edits should be approved by the working group and made by the document's designated editor? or their delegate.

Draft Specification

A Draft Specification has been approved by the working group as being ready for the Convergence phase, which includes implementation experience. Feedback gained during the Convergence phase will be used to revise the Draft Specification and product the Final Specification.

Final Specification

A Final Specification has been approved by the working group and should be placed under strict change control. Only errors should be corrected. Any functional changes should be made in a new version of the specification.


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