OSLC One Page Flyer

Abstract: This one page flyer provides 4 graphics that can be used to discuss the benefits of Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration 

  1. List of OASIS OSLC Co-founders 
  2. Aspirations of OSLC 
  3. The Technical Vision of OSLC 
  4. Technical Vision of Tool Integratoin 

Date: September 2015 

Author: Mark Schulte 

OASIS OSLC Datasheet

Abstract: Provides a two page overview of Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC). It also describes some of the technical committees and details on how to join OASIS. 

Date: September 2015 

Author: Mark Schulte 

OSLC Enablement Roadmap

This document has a collection of links to resources (and a recommended order to follow them) to help you…

  1. Understand the value of OSLC and its core concepts
  2. Get to know the OSLC Core specification
  3. Use Eclipse Lyo and start your own OSLC integration
  4. Use IBM tools to integrate with other products using OSLC 

The Case for Open Services

Teams and organizations concerned with software delivery know that they can be much more effective when the tools that they use can be used in combination.