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Time: 11:00AM Eastern US (Currently 3pm UTC, 5pm CET)


Chair: Martin

  • Issues
  • Main agenda items:
    • Review 27 March minutes
    • Automation 2.1 discussion
      • John: The proposal on the mailing list (See 2nd half), about explicitly identifying in the RDF what means an interaction pattern uses to identify the result of the action (so that future interaction patterns can be defined that use the same means of constructing a message, but a different means of identifying the success/failure status, and we have a way of distinguishing them in the bindings’ RDF).
    • “Availability” phase 1 scope - which scenarios will be included in the first round of Availability specifications work?
    • Workgroup business
      • Next meeting 17th April
    • AOB

Actions from previous meetings

  • John - To talk to people in Tivoli for SM about interest in Availability spec.



Umberto, John, Sam, Tim

Resolutions passed

The suggestion discussed on teh mailing list are accepted All the availability scenarios are in scope


Discussed the proposal on the mailing list and the last availability scenario.