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Time: 11:00AM Eastern US (Currently 4pm UTC)


Chair: Martin

Actions from previous meetings

  • Umberto - Update template dialog draft 2.1 spec to reflect that standard operation is to treat the template as text (or bytes). If the consumer changes anything they have to know what they are doing. (Also add a comment that we expect the template to be POSTed to a creation factory - this currently isn’t mentioned). See 9 Jan minutes.
  • Martin - Draft spec for linking template dialogs to creation factories (and other bindings). See 9 Jan minutes.


Attending: Martin, Juergen, John

  • No objections to minutes
  • Automation - no objections to recent emails
  • Availability
    • Redundancy group vs replication group. Redundancy groups can have 1 to n active members. They are “active” components, e.g. applications. Replication groups are “data” components, and always include copying of data.
    • Discussion of “workload” vs “availability resource”.
    • Discussion about finding other implementors who would be interested in this scenario.
      • JA to talk to Tivoli for SM(?)
    • Relationship between availability resources and deployment resources? Not everything that can be deployed would be an AR. Redundancy is the main driver. But also its not worth being an AR if it’s not in a management policy.