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Time: 11:00AM Eastern US (Currently 4pm UTC)


Chair: Martin

Actions from previous meetings


Attending: Martin, Tim, Umberto, (John A joined later)

  • Minutes accepted
  • Automation, Actions
    • Templates: blank nodes/parsing of templates
      • Tivoli implementation uses text manipulation, not full RDF parse/serialize. Then reuses received content-type.
      • TODO: Update spec to reflect that standard operation is to treat the template as text (or bytes). If the consumer changes anything they have to know what they are doing. (Also add a comment that we expect the template to be POSTed to a creation factory - this currently isn’t mentioned) - Umberto
    • Template dialogs: link from dialog to factory.
      • Umberto agrees good to have it, as an optional attribute. Actins spec can up that to a MUST in that context.
      • oslc:creationFactory vs oslc:binding
        • (John A joined)
        • Knowing it is a creation factory lets the consumer know what type of resource is being created.
        • Idea for now:
          • Auto spec defined CreationFactory as an Actions interaction pattern
          • template dialog links to creation factory or any other interaction pattern via oslc:binding
          • if in service catalogue context (not using an Actions profile - other uses of the dialog), dialog SHOULD have a CreationFactory binding.
          • motion passed
    • Template dialogs: identify using an rdf:type value oslc_auto:TemplateDialog rather than an oslc:usage value. (ActionDialogs too).
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