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This section captures the issues raised via review comments on:

Issues are organized via the specification outline.

Note: dates below use ISO 8601 format (yyyy-mm-dd)

Here’s what the states mean:

  • OPEN - indicates that we have no response for the issue yet
  • RESOLVED - indicates that we have a response that we believe resolves the issue
    • RESOLVED - indicates it is resolved as by above definition and edits in the draft specification have been made.
  • CLOSED - issue has been resolved and the resolution has been reviewed by the workgroup
  • DEFERRED - indicates that issue will be addressed in guidance after the specification converges
  • TABLED - indicates that issue will be reconsidered at some later but unspecified date

Issues during convergence

  1. RESOLVED oslc_auto:futureAction was not listed in the vocabulary changes appendix.

    • 2014-07-16 Raised in Mailing list thread
    • 2014-07-16 Suggested fix is to add the following to the “changes” appendix:
      • oslc_auto:futureAction:
        • A: rdfs:Property
        • Description: “A predicate that links to an action that is not currently executable on this resource, but may be executable in the future and/or on other resources. The type of the resource on which this predicate is used determines when, and on which resource(s), the executable form of the action is available. For example, in OSLC Automation this is expected to link from an oslc_auto:AutomationPlan to an oslc:Action resource with zero bindings (as it is not executable), with the meaning that the executable form of the action may be available on oslc_auto:AutomationResult resources generated by that Automation Plan.”
    • Add link from change history to at least one spec section (teardown already nods in this direction, but in text not a formal link)
    • Update the vocabulary document (both RDFS and HTML formats)
    • Perhaps the process for vocabulary changes should be the following, lest we continue to grow the change history list of duplicated text that invariably will drift out of synch with the live vocabulary documents over time.
      • Update the vocabulary documents
      • Make the vocabulary documents live
      • Link to the live vocabulary document definition from the change history
      • Remove the copy of the term’s description from the change history
    • 2014-07-17 Fixes live, modulo the following
      • Comment was amended in today’s meeting vs the proposed one above (removing the “The type of the resource …” sentence); amended one used
      • Added ‘executing’ to the description, so the end reads: …generated by executing that Auto Plan
      • Updated all the “broken” links in the existing RDFS to Automation 2.0 on the /bin tree to the /wiki tree. While they were not 404-broken, /bin now just serves a “hey this page moved ” message without any auto-timed redirection.
      • Fixed an encoding error (an ANSI apostrophe had snuck in, resulting in funny characters when browsers used the UTF-8 declared/default encoding to render the page)
  2. RESOLVED Rollup of 2.0 issue 15 remove oslc:propertyDefinition from Parameter Definition examples

    • 2014-07-17 Same net changes made as 2.0 (the example numbering and latest version link changes were already in 2.1)
  3. RESOLVED oslc_auto:futureAction’s use in resource shape

    • 2014-07-01 Raised in Mailing list thread
    • 2014-07-17 today’s meeting agreed to do this; during drafting, added another section to Core Actions 2.0 to avoid having Automation making general statements about Core and shapes (which Automation scenarios don’t need) and then having Core Actions link to Automation for that (which is even more confusing).
  4. RESOLVED Multiple execution environments; “future action” wording; Dialog resource shape