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Time: 11:00AM Eastern US (Currently 3pm UTC)


Chair: Martin

Actions from previous meetings

  • Action Resources 2.0
    • remove requirements (on Actions from Automation) from auto page - duplicated in Core Actions scenarios page - MP/JA
    • Generic consumer cases are not on scenarios page. - MP
    • Flesh out separation of interaction pattern from restrictions - MP
    • UI scenarios
    • Action resources dialog scenarios: Email doesn’t say “resource not available” for scenario C, it says “action that’s not available” - MP to move to wiki and correct (and email out)


Attending: Steve, John, Martin, Umberto

  • Minutes. no objections raised.
  • Meeting on 28th wasn’t held.
  • MP to link to today from meetings page
  • Issues
    • #7 no objections to John’s proposal. JA: make change
  • Convergence target: end of 1Q14
  • Actions specification
    • Martin still rewriting.
    • Action implementation could be “Action binding”.
    • Implementation profile could be “profile” or “specification profile”.
    • Definition of word “provider”. Needs further consideration.
      • Three distinct things: RDF representation (document), server who servers them, server that they refer to.