[Oslc-Automation] Minor comments to OSLC Automation 2.1

Tim Friessinger TFRIESS at de.ibm.com
Wed Oct 22 07:40:19 EDT 2014


I have some minor comments to OSLC Automation Spec 2.1.
After touch basing Martin, they could be discussed in the OSLC Automation

(1) Property "oslc_auto:usesExecutionEnvironment": Assuming an Auto Plan as
more than one execution environments. If such a plan is executed (-> Auto
Request), how will the Service Provider know in which environment the Auto
Plan should be executed? I assume
one solution is to specify this as an InputParameter, but maybe it would be
good to mention this in this properties description?

(2) Property "oslc:futureAction": In the description it says "..will become
available on Auto Results that execute this Plan...". Is this correct?
Doesn't an Auto Request execute the Auto Plan and the Auto Result only
represents the state (and final results) of this execution?

(3) "Resource: Dialog": I think this part is new in Auto 2.1, and I don't
understand why this resource is only for deferred-execution. As far as I
understood the immediate-execution should be also available via a dialog,
so why isn't this described here at this point as well or split up into
"Resource: Deferred Exec Dialog" and "Resource: Immediate Exec Dialog"?

(4) Section "OSLC Actions and Automation / Discovering actions that will be
executable after an Auto Requ completes": Text says "...If the Auto Request
resulted in a new resource being created". -> Wouldn't be a "If the
execution of an Auto Plan through/ by and Auto Request resulted in a  new

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

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