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Integrating products with OSLC

This tutorial explains how to integrate tools with OSLC. The tutorial uses examples, starting with simple ones and building to more advanced topics such as implementing an OSLC Provider.

OSLC Primer

A primer for technical leaders who want to understand the concepts and goals of OSLC and its relationship to other standards for evaluation, as well as potential OSLC implementers who want a general overview of the OSLC concepts and an understanding of the thinking and use-cases that led to their definition.

Linked Data and OSLC Tutorial (2015 Update)

Jad El-khoury, PhD and Frederic Loiret, PhD provide an updated introduction to Linked Data, OSLC and important integration concepts. This material is a refresh from work done by Steve Speicher and was delivered in Stockholm in November 2015. The attached .pdf can be used in conjunction with the following videos: 

PROSTEP OpenPDM OSLC Adapter Product Overview

The PROSTEP OpenPDM OSLC Adapter makes your PLM system(s) available to the OSLC world. It offers OSLC standard services, especially for those PLM systems which don’t  offer native ones. The adapter is an add-on for the OpenPDM integration framework which provides connectors to a wide range of systems. The OpenPDM OSLC services can be integrated in any OSLC consuming applications. The gap between ALM and PLM can be closed.

This presentation provides details on the OpenPDM OSLC Adapter including overview, reference project and technical information. For more details  contact 

Tear Down the Walls Between Requirements, Development and Testing

In this webinar, Robert Elves, co-founder of Tasktop Technologies (, describes how Business Analysts using Rational Requirements Composer can successfully create and revise Requirements while automatically keeping the Testing team up-to-date on the latest changes through the use of Tasktop Sync (

OSLC One Page Flyer

Abstract: This one page flyer provides 4 graphics that can be used to discuss the benefits of Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration 

  1. List of OASIS OSLC Co-founders 
  2. Aspirations of OSLC 
  3. The Technical Vision of OSLC 
  4. Technical Vision of Tool Integratoin 

Date: September 2015 

Author: Mark Schulte 

OASIS OSLC Datasheet

Abstract: Provides a two page overview of Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC). It also describes some of the technical committees and details on how to join OASIS. 

Date: September 2015 

Author: Mark Schulte 

OSLC Community Update and An Introduction to PROMCODE

Description from youtube: Get a quick update on the status of the OSLC Community [1], including the new Technical Committees at OASIS [2] and the upcoming OSLC Connect event at the ALM Forum [3], and an introduction to a new OSLC effort called PROMCODE [4], which is An Open P

DevOps in the Cloud: Addressing Integration Challenges

This webinar is hosted by the Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC).


Business pressures around automation and rapid deployment have fueled the practice of DevOps to bring together not just people, organizations and processes but the tools and applications to enable it. All these pressures are made worse when hand offs are manual and tools don't facilitate the automation and collaboration needed.  This session will discuss these problems and how the OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) initiative is working to address them.  Learn about who is participating in the community, why it is an important technology for DevOps integration, and how you can make use of it today and influence its shape for the future.

In this webinar, we'll explore how various integration approaches and ways to collaborate on tool and application integration have fallen short in the enterprise and are even more limiting in cloud environments. With the nature of the integration problem understood, we'll look at how OSLC offers a solution based on the architecture of the web through scenario-driven, minimalist, specifications created by an open community.  While we look at OSLC, we'll focus on how it is being used today, and may be used tomorrow, for various cloud applications and management systems. Additionally we'll provide an overview of the latest news from the OSLC community (including progress towards standardizing at OASIS), answer your questions, and show you the many ways you can participate and contribute to OSLC too.

OASIS Members Section Virtual Kickoff

Description from youtube: The OSLC Steering Committee and other other members of the OSLC Members Section at OASIS discuss: Introduction of Steering Committee Members Discussion of the Steering Committee's vision for OSLC Presentation of the Technical Committee cr

OSLC Transitions to OASIS

Description from youtube: On 30 May 2013, the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) transitioned its work to the OASIS open standards consortium. In this online analyst briefing, OASIS and OSLC executives provide: * context on the OSLC standards * insights into wha

OSLC Steering Committee Community Update

Description from youtube: The OSLC Steering Committee shares thoughts on the past, present, and future of OSLC. The participants on the call also discuss many topics surrounding OSLC including the proposed migration of OSLC specification development work to an OASIS Member Se


A toolkit for developing OSLC consumers and providers for .NET environments that contains the following tools:

  • OSLC4NET SDK, which is very similar to the OSLC4J component of Eclipse Lyo: you can model OSLC resources as .NET objects, annotate them with OSLC attributes, and use the REST services provided by ASP.NET MVC 4 for HTTP requests and request handling.
  • OSLC Change Management consumer implementation in the form of a test suite

Concurrent Engineering for systems based on OSLC

Description from youtube: EADS is a participant in OSLC. CESAR stands for Cost Efficient methods and processes for SAfety Relevant embedded systems. One of the objectives of this European funded project was to provide a multi domain approach to integrate large companies, supp

W3C Linked Data Platform and OSLC V3

Description from youtube: A review of Linked Data and the path to where we currently are with W3C Linked Data Platform working group. We'll investigate the technical makeup of LDP, current issues being addressed, and proposed timetable for standardization. Also we'll look at