DevOps in the Cloud: Addressing Integration Challenges

This webinar is hosted by the Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC).


Business pressures around automation and rapid deployment have fueled the practice of DevOps to bring together not just people, organizations and processes but the tools and applications to enable it. All these pressures are made worse when hand offs are manual and tools don't facilitate the automation and collaboration needed.  This session will discuss these problems and how the OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) initiative is working to address them.  Learn about who is participating in the community, why it is an important technology for DevOps integration, and how you can make use of it today and influence its shape for the future.

In this webinar, we'll explore how various integration approaches and ways to collaborate on tool and application integration have fallen short in the enterprise and are even more limiting in cloud environments. With the nature of the integration problem understood, we'll look at how OSLC offers a solution based on the architecture of the web through scenario-driven, minimalist, specifications created by an open community.  While we look at OSLC, we'll focus on how it is being used today, and may be used tomorrow, for various cloud applications and management systems. Additionally we'll provide an overview of the latest news from the OSLC community (including progress towards standardizing at OASIS), answer your questions, and show you the many ways you can participate and contribute to OSLC too.