Crystal Final Dissemination Event


June 15-16, 2016 

1.5 days full of highlights about the CRYSTAL approach in establishing and pushing forward an Interoperability Specification as an open European standard for the development of safety-critical embedded systems in the automotive, aerospace, rail and health care domain.

  • Well-known keynote speakers will talk about inspirations in engineering in the future.
  • End Users and Tool Vendors will explain how CRYSTAL has influenced their business from management perspective.
  • In technical presentations you will get insight to the challenges and achievements in CRYSTAL.
  • Technical highlights will be presented in the exhibition area.
  • Standardization Organizations talk about experiences during the implementation of CRYSTAL use cases.

Register and get the full program on our website:

Date: June 15-16, 2016
Location: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Avd. de la Universidad 30, 28911, Leganés

Build your own ServiceProvider (with preview!) in no time

Vijay Kalangumvathakkal of IBM Tivoli provides two sample web modules:

  • GenericProvider to help you build your own OSLC ServiceProviders; and
  • PreviewDemo to create user-interface previews for resources created with GenericProvider.

You can jump right to the applications. Both sample applications require Python and a Tivoli Data Integrator Assembly (sample scripts are available).

Case Study: Open Services Lifecycle Collaboration framework based on Linked Data

In this article, Arnaud Le Hors and Steve Speicher discuss how Linked Data – an architecture that is “minimalist, loosely coupled, had a standard data representation, kept the barriers to entry low and could be supported by existing applications implemented with many implementation technologies” – provides a solid foundation to support integrations between software from different vendors.

Linked Data FAQ

A collection of the most common questions enterprises have about Linked Data

Toward a Basic Profile for Linked Data

Martin Nally and Steve Speicher proposes a Basic Profile for Linked Data to provide best practices and patterns for adopting linked data principles for integrating applications.

A team-first approach to ALM

Carl Zetie discusses the challenges in integrating lifecycle tools, proposes realistic solutions, and explores how OSLC addresses these challenges.