You can help!

We have a variety of ways to get involved with the OSLC community. Our members include software developers, systems integrators, tool vendors and buyers, consultants, analysts, and open-source communities who understand the value – both in flexibility and cost savings – of open interfaces.

Join a workgroup

Become an OSLC Member or join technical Workgroups here. Find and join User Groups here.


Describe use cases

Are we missing something big? Join in to explore and define scenarios to improve how software tools integrate.


Write specifications

These things don't write themselves! You can make sure that a specification is accurate, achievable, and supportable.


Create implementations

If an un-implimented specification falls in the woods, does it make a sound? Help us provide working services and tests to validate our specifications and kickstart other projects.


Make compatible software


Build your own

Is your software lonely? Add support for our specifications and it'll have lots of friends to share data with. We have a guide for getting started with developing OSLC applications.


Request OSLC support

Haphazard APIs and fragile integrations aren't features; they're defects. Start a conversation with the developers of your favorite tools and ask them to support OSLC specifications.


Contribute to open source

Open collaboration? We're big fans. Our members contribute to a variety of open source projects – not only OSLC implementations, but also tools for OSLC development – and we'd love your input.


Help us grow


Become an OSLC Member

Have a say in the direction of our community. Become an OSLC Member to vote on community matters, contribute to our User Groups, and join our workgroups.


Spread the word

Although everyone deserves to save time and money with better integrations, not everyone knows it yet. Tell others about our community and our goals, or join the Communications workgroup and tell us how to do it better.


Propose a new workgroup

Do you have an idea for a new workgroup or initiative? Get in touch with our Steering Committee and make a pitch! See more details about proposing a new workgroup.