Tear Down the Walls Between Requirements, Development and Testing

In this webinar, Robert Elves, co-founder of Tasktop Technologies (, describes how Business Analysts using Rational Requirements Composer can successfully create and revise Requirements while automatically keeping the Testing team up-to-date on the latest changes through the use of Tasktop Sync (

Introduction to Linked Data Concepts and OSLC

Description from youtube: OSLC Web Site: OSLC Primer: OSLC Tutorial: Eclipse Lyo 1.0: Steve Speicher's blog: OSLC Core and

Concurrent Engineering for systems based on OSLC

Description from youtube: EADS is a participant in OSLC. CESAR stands for Cost Efficient methods and processes for SAfety Relevant embedded systems. One of the objectives of this European funded project was to provide a multi domain approach to integrate large companies, supp

Getting started on implementing OSLC (enhanced version)

Description from youtube: Watch Steve Speicher describe the planning and tasks involved in integrating software with Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) specifications. This is an enhanced version of a video we previously posted (here:

Overview of Linked Data and OSLC

Description from youtube: In this short presentation, Steve Speicher goes through the basics of linked data and how Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) uses linked data to build connections between software lifecycle and operations tools. 0:18 What is linked dat

Tim Berners-Lee: The year open data went worldwide

Description from youtube: At TED2009, Tim Berners-Lee called for "raw data now" -- for governments, scientists and institutions to make their data openly available on the web. At TED University in 2010, he shows a few of the interesting results when the dat

Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration introduction

Description from youtube: IBM Rational Jazz is a participant in OSLC. Your development team has a problem -- a lot of tools, from a lot of different vendors, and they are NOT getting along. Learn how the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration initiative can help -- and h

Mik Kersten on OSLC

Description from youtube: Mik Kersten of Tasktop Technologies speaks about the Open Service for Lifecycle Collaboration initiative. The initiative provides open source and enables integration between different applications, offe

Tim Berners-Lee: The next Web of open, linked data

Description from youtube: 20 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. For his next project, he's building a web for open, linked data that could do for numbers what the Web did for words, pictures, video: unlock our data and reframe the way w

Intro to the semantic web

Description from youtube: A short introduction to the semantic web. All source material is on the Digital Bazaar wiki: