IBM Pulse 2013 Tech Talk: A Business Perspective on the Case for OSLC

Dibbe Edwards of IBM and Andreas Keis of EADS discuss the benefits of OSLC in this presentation from IBM Pulse 2013.

First, Dibbe provides a brief history of IBM's experience with handling integrations. Next (2:30), Andreas discusses the importance of stable integrations and the challenges of managing complex requirements, tests, and changes while designing airplanes and how EADS eventually got involved with the OSLC community.

At 11:11, Dibbe explores how OSLC and linked data are woven into the DevOps application lifecycle with open standards and flexible, scenario-driven specifications.

At 15:09, Dibbe discusses the greater OSLC community efforts like Eclipse Lyo, the W3C Linked Data Platform workgroup, and our transition to OASIS. She also offers some suggestions for how you can get involved.