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Action Items are now tracked in the OSLC Steering Committee group at OASIS.

This is the central public location for tracking OSLC Steering Committee action items. Action items that are related to OSLC Steering Committee Private topics, are tracked on this page.



List of open action items. Create new action items in this table. Don’t forget to edit the “Last Update” date when you edit an action item.

Ref ID Owner Description Notes Last Update
121022.02 Steve S., Sean K. work with the Communications WG to aggregate the available information about OSLC into an “OSLC promoter’s toolkit” no update
120926.04 Sean K. (with StC input) create a list of reoccurring agenda items that we can pull into meeting agendas on a periodic basis no update
120926.02 Communications WG (with StC input) create a list of conferences where OSLC should have a presence After the list is built the Communications WG has the responsibility to promote the conferences for people to submit presentations, track who’s going, enable attendees with materials, and help coordinate the OSLC presence. An email has been sent further explaining the idea to the Communications WG mailing list. 121018
120814.03 Bola create a plan for how to engage analysts, also working with Dave West from Tasktop The plan is to be reviewed by the whole StC. A preliminary plan is discussed here. 120926
YYMMDD.XX $owner This is a template row, COPY and edit it when you want to create a new action item. This is the column where the process and outcomes of the item can be recorded. If there is a lot of info associated with the task, just put a link to the wiki page that has it. Use the creation date with a number starting from 01 (for each day) as the reference ID. E.g. the 2nd item created on 1 May 2012 will be 120501.02 YYMMDD


List of closed action items. Copy completed action items from the table of open action items to this table. Don’t forget to edit the “Last Update” date to the “Closed Date” when you move an action item.

Ref ID Owner Description Notes Closed Date
120814.04 Communications WG set up a process for providing progress updates to the StC Updates will be provided as a reoccurring agenda topic at StC meetings. 120926
120926.01 Parham Vasaiely confirm that we can hang an OSLC poster, or distribute and OSLC flyer at Innovate UK there is no place for a poster, but flyers have been created and will be distributed 121017
120926.03 Sean K. follow up with contacts about engaging TBL for a short Linked Data & OSLC video The topic should be broached at the W3C LDP F2F in Lyon (during the week of October 29). Updates on this topic should come through the regular update from the Communications WG. 121018
120926.06 Sean K. connect with each StC member individually to find out which orgs they are comfortable approaching see Rethinking focal points, which refers to Vendor engagement matrix and Vendor Recruitment Discussions 121018
120926.07 Sean K. connect with each StC member individually and get conference preferences see this email 121018
121022.01 Sean K. provide an update on the action items from September by email see this email 121030

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