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2014 April: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (Eastern); Tuesday, April 22
Virtual meeting details

This is the 10th meeting of the OSLC Member Section at OASIS Steering Committee.

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Meeting Goals

  1. Review and Discuss Conferences and Outreach
    1. OSLC Connect @ ALM Forum
    2. OSLC at Innovate
    3. OSLC at EclipseCon France
  2. Quo Vadis OSLC?
  3. OSLC Website Redesign & (maybe) a new logo
  4. Spec Updates



1. Conferences and Outreach [40m]

1a OSLC Connect @ ALM Forum [[review|discussion]: 15m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

The first OSLC Connect event took place at the ALM Forum … how’d it go and what should we take from it?

Some written info:

Projected Order of Business

  1. Reflection on the experience from those who attended (Dave, John, Steve, Sean)
  2. General discussion

1b OSLC at Innovate [[review|discussion|vote]: 20m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

Here’s an overview of some of the OSLC highlights for Innovate 2014:

  1. Sunday, 4 - 6 PM: Open Technology Summit
    • similar to the Open Lifecycle Summit from last year, but not as focused on OSLC
    • 1 of 6 lightning talks will be on OSLC - speaker TBD
    • the panel will be on “product and software delivery”, someone from the PROMCODE TC will join this panel, other speakers TBD
  2. Regular session: there are currently 16 listed, including a workshop on TRS, dates & times TBA
  3. BoF sessions - these are not yet listed on the agenda builder site and are subject to change
    • Tuesday, 12:30 - 1:15 PM: Interoperability with PLM tools using OSLC
      • abstract: The Rational solution provides broad capabilities for designing complex products, systems, and software. Yet, it doesn’t, nor is it intended to address 100% of the product lifecycle. Other discipline-specific tools such as PLM for mechanical design play an important role. Integration with these tools is mandatory for effective product engineering and delivery. In this session you will have opportunity to join members of the OSLC community, including members of the OSLC steering committee, in discussing the definition of interoperability between Rational and other tools such as PLM. Come and offer your perspective on this topic and help influence future OSLC specifications.
    • Wednesday, 12:30 - 1:15 PM: Tool Integration is Key to Successful Product and Software Delivery: OSLC Steering Committee Panel
      • abstract: The “integration problem” is one faced by all businesses and is often solved in an unsatisfactory manner. e.g.: tight coupling makes changes difficult; multiple copies of data can slow down workflows, increase storage requirements, and worse; problem determination and resolution in such systems can be quite costly. Through OSLC, industry experts have gathered together for public discussion of common problems and solutions, and have published open specifications to: 1. make software integrations easier and more robust, and 2. expose more lifecycle data so that it can be effectively used. Join the OSLC Steering Committee for a discussion covering common integration problems, current solutions, and a look ahead to what’s next.
  4. OSLC & Eclipse Lyo Ped in the “Agile zone”
    • OSLC will also be well represented in the “Continuous Engineering zone” but our “pure OSLC” ped is in the “Agile zone”
    • name: OSLC & Eclipse Lyo for an Open Lifecycle
    • description: If you build, manage, or use lifecycle tools but don’t integrate them using OSLC, you’re yielding a significant advantage to your competitors. From Aerospace and Automotive, to Communications and Networking, organizations are using OSLC to improve their delivery lifecycle. Drop by to learn how you can do more with OSLC.
    • Steve and Sean to staff, likely with help from Axel Reichwein
      • volunteers, and suggestions for volunteers, to help with staffing are welcomed

Here are some things we still need to discuss:

  1. Qua vadis OSLC? - invitational
    • propose: Wednesday after the StC BoF
    • who to invite?
    • time allocated later today to go into more details on this topic
  2. Tuesday evening: OSLC Hospitality Suite
    • or OSLC casa di ospitalità
    • proposal:
      • go off-site
      • provide limo service between the hotel and the house
        • this additional cost is offset by the savings from not engaging the hotel catering service
        • assume limo logistics the same as ordering catering from the hotel
      • some pros: facilitate better discussions in a larger space, still keep some of the special characteristics of the past events
      • a con: off site may prevent a certain amount of attendance
        • maybe able to offset being off site by reputation and promotion
    • alternate: get a space like last year, try to manage noise and crowding … somehow

Projected Order of Business

  1. review what’s known
  2. discuss the hospitality suite
  3. vote on whether to proceed and concretize the off site option

1c OSLC at EclipseCon France [[review|discussion]: 5m]

Executive Summary

from Rainer Ersch

  • spoke with Andreas and the coordinator of the EU project
    • there will be an OSLC and project related workshop
    • Andreas might submit an OSLC/EU project related talk
    • no other OSLC activities (booth/reception) planned for EclipseCon France, but maybe for EclipseCon Europe in fall

Projected Order of Business

  1. review plan and discuss

2. Quo Vadis OSLC? [[discussion]: 20m]

Executive Summary

from Rainer Ersch

Rainer has not received feedback has been on the presentation he sent on April 3. In addition to getting feedback on that presentation, we should plan for (some of) us to meet again next week to do some additional preparation.

Sean has proposed doing this on Wednesday afternoon, after the OSLC BoF. (There were no mutually agreeable times on Saturday or Sunday.)

Projected Order of Business

  1. Review presentation and provide feedback
  2. Agree on (sub)team to meet for additional prep and other next steps

3. OSLC Website Redesign & (maybe) a new logo [[review|discussion]: 10m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

The OSLC community website open-services.net is undergoing a public redesign led by our web developer Lee Reamsnyder. Feedback on all aspects of the design is welcome, but there has also been some discussion about redoing the logo.

Specific feedback is best placed in related the github issues, but the logo redesign efforts are certainly something the Steering Committee should be aware of as it will be up to you to “approve or deny” any change in this area.

Projected Order of Business

  1. Quick review of this effort
  2. Opportunity for some feedback

4. Spec Updates [[review|discussion]: 10m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

  1. W3C news:
    1. Linked Data Platform likely nearing the final few edits before graduating to the next stage, Candidate Recommendation
    2. OSLC Resource Shapes submission published http://www.w3.org/Submission/2014/SUBM-shapes-20140211/
  2. work proceeding in OASIS TCs, but Core 3 looking to pick up LDP and others looking to pick up Core 3
  3. looking to use Innovate and INCOSE conferences to uncover additional interest in the proposed Requirements, Architecture, and Quality Management TC
    • targeting Charter submission for end of June
  4. there is a lot of industry interest in ALM-PLM interoperability and the future of that workgroup needs to be figured out
    • there should be opportunity to discuss with some of the key participants face-to-face at Innovate
  5. ALM Data Model UG/WG is not yet ready to begin
    • Dave West and Sean still have not had discussions will all the key participants of Tasktop’s previous work group

Projected Order of Business

  1. review of status
  2. discussion


Steering Committee

  • Rainer Ersch, Senior Research Scientist at Siemens
  • Andreas Keis, Head of Systems Engineering Processes and Platforms at Airbus Group
  • Bola Rotibi, Research Director at Creative Intellect
  • Mark Schulte, Associate Technical Fellow at Boeing Defense Systems
  • John Wiegand, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for IBM Rational (StC Chairman)

Steering Committee Regrets

  • Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop

Steering Committee Delegates

  • Dave West, Chief Product Officer for Tasktop

Steering Committee Staff

  • Operations Coordinator, Sean Kennedy, IBM
  • Technical Coordinator, Steve Speicher, IBM


Detailed minutes for the meeting are available for Steering Committee members. Public minutes are below.

1. Conferences and Outreach

1a OSLC Connect @ ALM Forum

  • interesting set of people, interested to talk about a bunch of things, a very good place to be for OSLC
    • not a traditional vendor conference: we both received from attending and were well received
  • everyone has integration challenges, and everyone is interested in how to work through those challenges, but people weren’t urgently seeking out a solution
    • they knew they had a challenge, and were open to what we were sharing about OSLC
    • people certainly came away with OSLC as being a place to have discussions about OSLC, whether OSLC is the answer is further out

1b OSLC at Innovate

  • off-site is not interesting, continue looking for some on-site/walkable event

1c OSLC at EclipseCon France

  • Airbus and IBM will be doing presentations on work done in the EU projects and OSLC in general

2. Qua Vadis OSLC?

  • these are good topics for the Steering Committee to discuss
  • a subteam will meet to push further on what’s here and develop a prioritized list for discussion face-to-face in June

3. OSLC Website Redesign & (maybe) a new logo

  • changing the logo is not a priority
  • improving the navigate and usability of open-services.net has support

4. Spec Updates [[review|discussion]: 10m]

  • Steve: LDP WG met F2F last week and agreed to move forward calling for implementations


Agreements and Consensus in this meeting


Action Items from this meeting

  1. Sean: organize a subteam meeting to narrow down the “qua vadis OSLC?” list for discussion at the F2F meeting in June

Future Agenda Topics from this meeting


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