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2014 March: 11 AM - 12:30 PM (Eastern); Tuesday, March 18
Virtual meeting details

This is the 9th meeting of the OSLC Member Section at OASIS Steering Committee.

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Meeting Goals

  1. Review & Discussion
    1. OSLC Connect Update
    2. TC Creation Update
  2. Preview & Discussion:
    1. What’s next for OSLC?
    2. Innovate Planning Update



1. OSLC Connect [[review|discussion]: 30m]

1a Update for ALM Forum [[review|discussion]: 20m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

  1. 1/2 page ad for the conference program submitted
  2. arrangements for the booth materials in place
    1. popup banner will be based on the ad, due for printing Friday, March 21
    2. within the $1000 budget we can rent a lead capture device that can be used at the booth and wherever we go - including the “integration happy hour”
    3. “datasheets” (handouts) ready for review soon
  3. latest news from the organizer is that there has been minimal use of the OSLCCONNECT promo code
  4. survey questions still TBD
    1. will create the survey on surveymonkey and print for the networking event and the booth
  5. based on an assumption of $10/drink + 40% tax & gratuity, we expect to have ~140 drink tickets
    1. the hotel requires a minimum $1000 expenditure, so we’re on the hook for ~72 drinks
    2. if we don’t pass out more than that, we don’t pay for what we don’t provide

Projected Order of Business

  1. Sean and Jane: review the latest status
  2. Steering Committee: open discussion (questions, concerns, comments, …)

1b Update for EclipseCon Europe [[review|discussion]: 10m]

Executive Summary

by Jane Harnad

Here are the details on EclipseCon France (Toulouse): they are interested in having an increased OSLC presence this year.

EclipseCon France: 17-19 June, Toulouse, France

  • Call for presentations for Eclipse France is open
    • Submission details may be found online
    • We would very much like to see some OSLC presentation on the program
    • Deadline to submit a proposal is 14 April
  • Interactive workshop or working group meeting - space is available on the day before the conference (17 June) at the INP-ENSEEIHT School of Engineering
    • Space is limited, so a decision on whether to hold a meeting or workshop is needed by 14 April
  • Booth space option is available, which includes: space, table, chair, drape at no cost
    • As you know, OASIS does have a pop-up booth, however, shipping to Europe would not be recommended
    • Other booth space items may include: carpet, graphics spec to OSLC, handout materials, electricity, audio visual, attendee lead retrieval, etc.
    • Any costs associated with the booth space would need to be covered
    • Staffing would need to be addressed
      • an OASIS staff person would be available attend, but travel costs will need to be covered by the member section or by sponsorship
  • Venue recap:

Projected Order of Business

  1. Jane: review the latest status
  2. Steering Committee: open discussion (questions, concerns, comments, …)

2. TC Creation Update [[review|discussion]: 10m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

  1. Deadlines for joining new TCs to have voting rights at the first meetings:
    1. Automation: March 18
    2. PROMCODE: March 19
  2. Current members for these new TCs (non-proposers+):
    1. Automation: IBM, Mentor Graphics+, Method Park, Sodius+
    2. PROMCODE: Fujitsu, IBM, Nanzan University, NEC, Sodius+
  3. Actual participation in existing TCs remains limited and voting rights (meaning that the member hasn’t missed two meetings in a row - without attending another two consecutive meetings since) are only held by a handful of people:
    1. Core: IBM (7), Software AG (1), Tasktop (1)
    2. CCM: IBM (4), PTC (1)
  4. Voting in the June Steering Committee elections:
    1. Standard OASIS voting rules are as follows (from Scott McGrath on Feb 24)
      • each supporting entity gets one ballot
      • there is one ballot for all the seats, maximum 3 votes (for this year, 4 for next)
      • the top 3 vote getters (for this year, 4 for next) win the seats

Projected Order of Business

  1. Steve: review the latest status
  2. Steering Committee: open discussion (questions, concerns, comments, …)

3. Quo Vadis OSLC? [[preview|discussion]: 30m]

Executive Summary

by Rainer Ersch

After six years of OSLC and the successful transformation to OASIS MS and TC, we should take the time to step back and think about the future of OSLC. What should the OSLC focus on in the near, mid-term or long-term future?

How about taking the time in Orlando to get together for a half day workshop (in addition to the regular StC meeting)?

  • Q: who should attend? (StC + key community representatives?)
  • Q: how to prepare? (Webcast before Orlando with some initial ideas + homework for participants?)
  • Q: possible topics to discuss in the workshop:
    • Cross repository analysis and reporting
    • Standardized Data Model
    • Lifecycle Collaboration Environment Designer
    • Lifecycle Collaboration Environment “Builder”
    • Role /Task Specific Cockpits
    • Specialized Analysis Methods
    • Integration Patterns

Projected Order of Business

  1. Rainer: introduce the topic (background and ideas)
  2. Steering Committee: open discussion

4. OSLC at Innovate Update [[review|discussion]: 10m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

  1. There is no resolution, yet, to the questions of a larger space for the OSLC Hospitality Suite.
    • Trying to make sure we maintain the good characteristics of previous events.
  2. No news yet on the Steering Committee panel session.
  3. TRS workshop has been accepted.
  4. Doodle looking for days for OSLC Steering Committee Face-to-Face: http://doodle.com/g4t4cgss4p59tvv5

Projected Order of Business

  1. Sean: review the latest status
  2. Steering Committee: open discussion (questions, concerns, comments, …)


Steering Committee

  • Rainer Ersch, Senior Research Scientist at Siemens
  • Bola Rotibi, Research Director at Creative Intellect
  • Mark Schulte, Associate Technical Fellow at Boeing Defense Systems
  • John Wiegand, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for IBM Rational (StC Chairman)

Steering Committee Regrets

  • Andreas Keis, Head of Systems Engineering Processes and Platforms at Airbus Group
  • Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop

Steering Committee Delegates

  • Dave West, Chief Product Officer of Tasktop

Steering Committee Staff

  • Operations Coordinator, Sean Kennedy, IBM
  • Technical Coordinator, Steve Speicher, IBM


  • Jane Harnad, OASIS


Detailed minutes for the meeting are available for Steering Committee members.
Public minutes are below.

1. OSLC Connect

1a Update for ALM Forum

  • The goal of activity at the ALM Forum is to raise awareness about OSLC.
  • We’d like them to see the OSLC community as a place to discuss, learn, and share about lifecycle integration.

1b Update for EclipseCon Europe

  • OSLC will be a supporter of the EclipseCon France event via barter arrangement through OASIS staff.
    • April 14: deadline for submissions and decision on workshop
  • A booth is possible, if there is sufficient on-the-ground support to run it.
    • (Depends on people already going to the event, we won’t send people just for the booth.
  • EclipseCon Europe, in Germany, larger and likely to have more OSLC Steering Committee members there already.
    • TODO: work out details of what we’ll do for it.

2. TC Creation Update

  • Has been interest in new people joining both the Automation and PROMCODE TCs, but we’ve not seen conversions yet.
  • Good member list in existing TCs, but we’re not seeing much regular attendance.
    • Spec writing is the area where it is most difficult to get active contributions, people are more likely to participate in scenario definition, commenting at the end, and implementations.
  • Steering Committee election timing (roughly): nominations May 31 - June 13, election June 17-31.

3. Quo Vadis OSLC?

  • Proposal: have a 1/2 day workshop at Innovate, could be expanded beyond the Steering Committee.
  • Part of the discussion for that workshop could be to explore whether we should put more focus on the high level integration discussions and scenarios.
    • The specs would still be there, and how many would implement those scenarios, but not as much the public face.
    • If you look at the overall “OSLC ecosystem” we see we’ve got some best practices and examples embodied by Lyo, but how do we look at these different initiatives? Are they completely disjoint? Is there some overarching connection?
  • Having a discussion on vision is a better use of face-to-face time than conducting a regular business meeting.
    • If we have to choose between the two, we’ll do this.

4. OSLC at Innovate Update

No meaningful notes.


Agreements and Consensus in this meeting

  1. Plan and prepare for a strategic discussion on the future directions of OSLC at a face-to-face get together in Orlando at the beginning of June.
    1. Prefer using the face-to-face time for that over a regular business meeting.

Action Items from this meeting

  1. All: Continue to explore, and ultimately reach agreement on, what to do for EclipseCon Europe.

Future Agenda Topics from this meeting

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