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Regular meeting, 15th May

Last meeting before Innovate 2013.


  • Introduce new workgroup members - Olivier, Stefan, Scarlett, Vincent (see workgroup page)
  • New meeting time (doodle poll says Monday 4.30 pm OR Tuesday 4.00 pm).
  • Action Items (Ian: RM resources and link types; Yuriy: SysML link types)
  • Continued review of RmGenericAppDevScenario
    • Discuss link types
  • Link guidance from OSLC Core Links
    • Should the linking model be fully open?




Ian, Dominic, Yuriy, Mike, Clyde, Olivier, Paul, Stefan, Gabriel


Agreed to change meetings to Monday 16.30 UK, bi-weekly. Action: Ian to change meeting time to 16.30.

Action on Ian and Stefan to make slot for overview of virtual vehicle.

Action Yuriy to add SysML link types to scenario page.

Containers/Deletion semantics:

Yuriy posted a picture which we discussed. The meaning of derivedReqt seems not to carry delete propagation semantics. Olivier: either the type of the association indicates the deletion behaviour, or the application defines it. Ian: in DOORS/DNG, the application defines it, and the consumer cannot know. Yuriy: Rhapsody has notion of owner which is like this containment. Paul: the effect of a deletion of a requirement and removal from collection are different from the perspective of QM.

  • Action on Yuriy to explain notion of owner in Rhapsody.
  • Action Paul/Ian: extend the scenario to cover the evolution of requirement collections as they change over time.

We didn’t get to the link schema topic. We’ll table that for next time.

Next Meeting

Monday 17th June