HistoryViewLinks to this page 2013 June 17 | 12:40 pm

Bi-weekly RM Workgroup Meeting, 17th June

Please send agenda items to Ian.


  • Core V3 Link Guidance work. Contributions to RmLinkVocabularyV3 sought.
  • Scarlett has submitted some detailed scenarios concerning requirements validation. Her submission is in the form of a document. We should discuss how we add this to the wiki and how we can use this material.
  • In RmGenericAppDevScenario
    • What structure is created by Al when he “begins the process of specification and design” in step 5.
      • What is Al aiming to produce?
      • What constraints apply to the links which Al can create?
    • When Tanju creates test resources in step 6, what kinds of structure is he attempting to create?
      • Related to the structures that Al created in step 5?
      • Scarlett’s document fleshes out change management piece, suspect links etc.


Yuri, Dominic, Vincent, Gabriel, Scarlett, Olivier


Oliver: discussion of satisfaction - a change request is satisfied or is it the relation between system and subsystem. Points to a more general “satisfies”. Action: Olivier to expand wording on “satisfies” and “elaborates”. Action: Scarlett to expand wording on validates. Action: Ian to do other remainder (Dominic might have pointers to decomposes and constrains).

Yuri: why inside RM domain - should be at cross-domain scope.

Scarlett: test requirements loose the structure. Observation is that it is enough to be flat? (Action: Ian to find out about HPQC Adapter and how it “reconciles”.)

Actions: Scarlett to upload detailed scenarios from Word document.