HistoryViewLinks to this page 2013 August 12 | 12:35 pm

Bi-weekly RM Workgroup Meeting, 12th August

Please send agenda items to Ian.


  • Action items (reminders)
    • All: comment/review Scarlett’s http://open-services.net/wiki/requirements-management/Requirement-Validation-Scenarios-for-OSLC-RM-v3-Specification/
    • Ian to enquire about SA & FocalPoint
    • Ian/Jim/Yuriy to update viewpoint descriptions.
  • Review progress on RmApplicationViewConcepts


Ian, Yuri, Dominic, Vincent, Scarlett

Apologies: Gabriel


Yuriy gave an introduction to SysML views/viewpoints. There was lots of discussioin here, especially (Scarlett) on how/if query is a way of thinking about viewpoints. Ian will email workgroup and try to seek some more information on this topic.

RQM categories can be used to define groupings of test plans, but these resources are not exposed on the OLSC API. (If they were, these would be view-like resources.)

Other ALM tools have test folders which are not used to define the contents of a test plan recursively, but not to define a single test plan which is the “roll-up” of all test cases in the subtree.