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This document provides high-level scenario descriptions that have been identified as priority scenarios that need to defined in the specification and validated by product implementations.

Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management (C/ALM) Scenarios

The following two scenarios are defining the scope of a V1.0 of the specification.

The following scenarios were considered for inclusion in the V1.0 scope but were not included.

Review comments for these scenarios are to be found here RM C/ALM review comments

The following scenarios are being investigated:

Systems Engineering Scenarios

Here is a starting point for the general RM use cases for Systems Engineering:

  • Prepare a response to a Customer Requirement/RFP
  • Evaluate proposal response(s) from suppliers
  • Author Requirements
  • Review Requirements
  • Manage Requirement Changes
–Take Action
  • Measure Requirements
  • Publish Requirements
  • Assess RM Processes
  • Verify Requirements
  • Validate Requirements
  • PLM Integration

Reporting Scenarios

See ReportingSpecifications.

Traceability Scenarios

Traceability scenarios can be found here.

Scenario Brainstorming and Gathering