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Scenario A: Requirements are implemented, validated and delivered


  • An interesting collection of requirements has been identified for inclusion in a product. We assume that the requirements process is complete and the requirements have been approved and planned for inclusion in the product. How that came to be is not dealt with here.


  1. The requirements are broken down into implementation requests for the implementation of the product to satisfy the requirements
    1. Each requirement is linked to one or more implementation requests
    2. Each implementation request could further be broken down into smaller implementation requests, each of which is linked to its parent.
    3. The implementation requests are assigned to for completion
  2. A test plan to validate these requirements is created
    1. The test plan is linked to the requirements that are to be qualified.
    2. Test cases to validate each requirement are written and linked to each requirement that is to be qualified.
  3. Implementation requests are marked as completed and product is delivered
    1. Product gets picked up by the next integration
  4. The test steps from the test cases are run on the new integration
    1. If any test step fails, a qualification change request is created and linked to the test step.
    2. Resume qualification upon resolution of the qualification change request
    3. If all tests steps pass, continue
  5. Links can be used to inspect the content of the integration
    1. Links between a requirement and a change request can be used to check that a requirement has been delivered
    2. Links between a requirement and a test case can be used to check that the implementation meets that requirement


  • The requirements are satisfied (all implementation requests completed, test cases passing). The resulting integration meets the requirements placed upon the product.
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