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Initiating a project: Act 1. Setup, Act 2. Estimation, Act 3. Completion, Investment Risk, Summary


Summary of Resources and Services

The following resource types are used in this scenario. The format of the resources is described in detail in EMS 1.0 Part 1 Resources and REST API.


The root resource of an EMS 1.0 service provider. It links to the List resources.


Each type of resource, e.g. Project, Scenario, has a corresponding List resource, e.g. !ProjectList, !ScenarioList, that can be queried for subsets of that resource type. New resource instances are created by POSTing representations to the List resource.


The estimation and measurement aspects of a project.


A set of assumptions that describe an alternative mode for running the project.


A set of predictions for a given scenario, produced by an estimator using some tool or method.


At a given point in time, the scenario that will be used to run the project, and the set of estimates against which measurements will be tracked.:

Summary Sequence Diagram

All of the interactions in this scenario are illustrated in the following sequence diagram:

Summary Sequence Diagram for Initiating Scenario

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