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  1. Go through Actions List
  2. Continue through the IntegrationScenario SimulinkToCode from the Brake-by-wire example
    • Can/Shall we proceed? See Jad note from the last meeting (Look for “Jad Notes for 20130919 meeting” in the wiki page above)
  3. New integration scenarios. See the ES forum


During the meeting, we focused on how we should proceed with developing our ES integration scenarios.

This issue is raised based on:

The suggestion put forward by jad is as follows (duplicated from the ES forum):

  • Now that we have a few more cases to deal with (We started with Brake-By-Wire Use Case), I wonder if we should now systematically analyze all cases, in order to get extract some general patterns & needs - and prioritize among them.

  • Is this what the page/template at Engineering Activities Matrix was intended for?

Nils: Agree that we should generalize first. Maybe can try to find a real case from Ericsson.

Nils: We can also look at Polarsys for more cases.

Frederic: He can also try to extract cases from the MBAT & Crystal EU projects.

How to proceed?

  • Nils: He has little resources to put in 2013. Hopefully it gets better in 2014, once the ICT Labs project is started.
  • Jad: He can put some (but limited efforts) in 2013, until the project starts in 2014. How best to use this effort until then?
  • Frederic: He can contribute if it can help his active projects. Maybe just work on lobbying so that their cases are made public early?


Jad will work offline to analyse the 5 available use cases, trying to find common patterns, and filling in the table under Engineering Activities Matrix. Jad can present his progress in the group meeting, for further discussions.

  • Action: Jad create wiki page listing the cases to analyse.
  • Action: Jad reduce meeting to once every 4 weeks. Update calendar invitation & wiki pages
  • Action: Jad finds a better telco solution
  • Action: Jad advertise the IOS conference on the ES forum. Check if we should put it on the OSLC forum of other workgroups?
  • Action: Jad prepares an OSLC ES poster for the IOS conference.


Nils Kronqvist, Frederic Loiret, Jad El-khoury