HistoryViewLinks to this page 2013 October 31 | 03:18 pm
Date Who What By When Comments Status
20130530 Frederic Setup a wiki page for common themes/patterns that we identify from our different use cases & scenarios. 20130613 Frederic showed a table of common themes/patterns. All agree that it is good to have. He will create a wiki page based on this info. Done
20130530 Frederic identify BBW scenarios of relevance in MBAT project. Frederic checks how correct & relevant the current scenario is for Volvo. Ask Mbat partners 20130613 20131031: we are not focusing on scenario details for now. Close. closed
20130530 Jad Ask if step from EAST-ADL to Simulink is automated, or purely manual? Irrespective, define a scenario (placeholder) to define such a need 20130613 20131003-Jad: This is no longer needed. Closed
20130613 Jad proceed with further developing the “Traceability from architecture model to C-code” scenario 20130627 Done
20130613 Frederic places an initial placeholder for a scenario describing the Papyrus to Simulink model transformation 20130627 20131031: we are not focusing on scenario details for now. Close. Closed
20130822 Jad Present how SystemDesk works? Maybe a demo. Or even some screen shots 20130919 20131003-Jad: Collegue did not have access to the tool. This is no longer relevant. Closed
20130822 Jad Further develop which resources we get out of the first alternative of the “traceability” scenario 20130919 20131003-jad: This is no longer relevant. Closed
20131003 Jad create wiki page listing the cases to analyse. 20131031 Done
20131003 Jad reduce meeting to once every 4 weeks. Update calendar invitation & wiki pages 20131031 Done
20131003 Jad finds a better telco solution 20131031 Done
20131003 Jad advertise the IOS conference on the ES forum. Check if we should put it on the OSLC forum of other workgroups? 20131031 Done
20131003 Jad/Frederic prepares an OSLC ES poster for the IOS conference. 20131031 Open