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  1. Go through Actions List
  2. go through the Brake-by-wire example


  1. Presented the the Brake-by-wire document
    • discussed how we are to work with such documents during our telcos.
      • We need to prepare offline, and discuss prepared scenarios during the telco.
      • Action: All read through it, and comment directly in the pdf. (identify scenarios, etc.)
      • Action: Jad shares file on dropbox so that we have comments in the same file.
    • document seems to be a good source of scenarios.
      • Discussed in detail (as an example) a workflow (page 48) that deals with import/export of models.
      • Discussed how OSLC can (& if) support import/export.
      • Steve: Import/export is not a primary scednario OSLC deals with.
      • then maybe this is a key scenario/case we need to further work on to see how to deal with such an ES need.
    • Action: Jad checks with Volvo how much of the workflows in section 5 are actually implemented?


Steve K Speicher, Nils Kronqvist, Jad El-khoury