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As separate domain activities evolve, patterns emerge to solve some integrations challenges. These patterns need to be identified and potentially promoted to a more general purpose specification that applies to most domains. The table below will identify these patterns in existing specifications today and look for candidates to emerge into cross-domain specifications. These specifications can then be adopted directly within various domains, either directly or by providing extensions.

Integration Patterns

Domain leads will update this table by adding new patterns (rows) and by indicating what patterns they are currently leveraging. As new specifications are being developed, please make sure to update this table.

Pattern CM RM QM ArchM AM SCM Metrics Reporting
Service Discovery (Catalogs) R R R R R R R R
Service Discovery (Description Documents) S C C C C R R R
Simple GET-based query syntax S C C N C C R R
Selective retrieval of resource properties S C C C R R
Selective update of resource properties S C C
Delegated resource creation S C C C
Delegated resource selection S C C C C
Delegated query builder N C
RESTful CRUD of resources S C C C C C
Resource link label attribute S C
XML resource collection formats S C C C C
XML resource collection formats - pagination S C C C C
XML resource link formats N C C C C
JSON representations S C C
Error responses S N R C C
Discussion resource N
Project resource N
Attachment resource N
Property description N

S - Specification (originated in this domain)
C - Copied (copied from another domain specification, actively being spec’d)
N - Need (no specification being develop yet)
R - Reused (leveraging an existing specification)