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Software Configuration Management

This specification is deprecated, and largely superseded by Configuration Management.


Software Configuration Management covers a wide range of practices, including tracking and controlling changes in the software using version control, building software and creating baselines, reporting on the contents of such builds and baselines, establishing traceability from requirements and change requests to software revisions, etc.

The goal of this effort is to define a common set of resources, formats and RESTful services to access and manipulate SCM systems.


The group has not attempted to define a complete set of SCM services such as those in IETF 3253 (WebDAV DeltaV) or JSR-147 (WVCM). Rather, we are defining incrementally the services needed to implement specific SCM Use Cases.


This specification is deprecated. See Configuration Management for current work in this general area.


See ScmMeetings for details on meeting logistics, agendas, and minutes.


Document Version Status
SCM Specification nearly 1.0 Deprecated

Working Documents

Document Status
SCM Spec Issues 1.0 Historical
SCM Terminology Historical
Drill Down Story Historical
Scenarios for SCM V2 Historical
SCM Link Discovery Historical
Build Integration Story Historical
Work Item Integration Story Historical


Date Milestone Status
2010-04-28 Convergence starts for specification of SCM services V1.0 Achieved
2010-09-30 Prototype implementation available (Synergy Achieved
2010-03-31 At least one implementation of SCM 1.0 available Achieved
n/a Final specification of SCM services 1.0 Canceled


NickCrossley (IBM - lead)
GeoffreyClemm (IBM)
PeterHack (IBM)
SamitMehta (IBM)
JohnCamelon (IBM)
EricSink (SourceGear)
EricMinick (UrbanCode)
JimConallen (IBM)
FrankSchophuizen (TOPIC Embedded Systems)
StevenWasleski (IBM)

Mailing List


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