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Where should, and where does, OSLC have a presence in 2013.

An original (incomplete) list of conferences was shared on the Steering Committee mailing list in September 2012. The table starts from that, but we should keep it up to date. Once there is more information about a specific conference, create its own page to track all the info (e.g.: OSLC at Innovate 2012).

Name Date Location Call for Papers
(link to a wiki page with more details if one exists) (closing date links to submission site)
IBM Pulse Mar 3-6 Los Vegas, NV Nov 9, 2012
EclipseCon (ALM Connect) Mar 25-28 Boston, MA Nov 19, 2012 (ALM Connect)
HyperText 2013 May 1-3 Paris Dec 13, 2012