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Time: 11:00AM Eastern US (Currently 3pm UTC, 5pm CET)


Chair: Martin

  • Issues
  • Main agenda items:
    • Review 10 April minutes
    • Automation 2.1 discussion
      • Review request sent to OSLC Core WG for both Actions 2.0 and Automation 2.1 specs
      • oslc:desiredResult renamed to oslc:finalStatusLocation
      • Remove oslc:finalStatusLocation from deferred execution dialog interaction pattern? Where & how should we make explicit the difference between a successful execution of a regular AutomationRequest dialog, and the successful completion of the congfiguration stage of the deferred execution dialog actions interaction pattern?
      • Do these interactions patterns allow a dialog that creates an Automation Request that is immediately eligible for execution? Do we need one?
    • “Availability”
      • Start on specification work
    • Workgroup business
      • Next meeting 24th April? (Martin cannot attend)
    • AOB

Actions from previous meetings

  • John - To talk to people in Tivoli for SM about interest in Availability spec.



Martin, Umberto, Juergen, Tim

Resolutions passed

  • Approved minutes of meeting on 2014-04-10


  • Availability
    • Use word doc until we need to move to wiki (if ever)
    • Upload of initial draft before 24th April
    • High-level discussion of structure at meeting on 24th April (Umberto to chair)
    • More detailed discussion on mailing list, then in meeting on 8th or 15th May.
  • Juergen & Tim left
  • Issues
    • 12 & 13 fixes agreed
  • Actions
    • Already clear distinction between success of immediate vs deferred Automation Request dialogs.
    • Automation Request immediate-execution dialogs as action bindings?
      • No scenarios requiring them, so MP doesn’t want to give himself more work by putting them in now. UC says he wouldn’t be opposed to adding it, but wouldn’t say it’s needed either.
      • Would be good to emphasis in the ActionDialog pattern why it is different though:
        • Normative sentence saying provider SHOULD wait for action to complete
        • Non-normative note saying intended for short-running actions.
        • Non-normative note (or clarification of final sentence) saying that instead of returning a URI like a creation or selection dialog does, this dialog returns a verdict (or status) of the action’s execution.