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Asset Management Definitions

Asset Consumer

An ALM tool or user that performs asset searching and retrieval activities outlined in the search and retrieve scenarios.

Asset Resource

An Asset Resource has a set of properties representing a reusable software asset. These properties include such things as name, description, classification, and the properties for an Asset's Artifacts.

Asset Query Resource

When filtering using simple query, the representation of a list of Asset Resources.

Asset Submitter

An ALM tool or user that performs asset preparation activities outlined in the publish scenario.


This term is often used interchangeably with 'work product' or 'file'. It refers to an Artifact Media Resource and its properties. An asset may have zero or more artifacts.

Artifact Media Resource

The Artifact Media Resource represents the actual artifact content. The content can be a presentation, a test case, a binary software component, or any other kind of content typically used in software development and delivery activities.


An attribute of a resource. Typically a property is a name/value pair that describes a certain aspect of the resource. For example, an asset has many properties such as the asset title, subject/short description, version.

Service Provider

An implementation of the OSLC Asset Management specification as a server. OSLC Asset Management clients consume these services.

Work product

This term is often used interchangeably with 'artifact' or 'file'. An asset may have zero or more work products.

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