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The convergence topics are currently grouped under

  1. Product resource

  2. Identification of revision through versioning of any resource

Currently to be handled with the OSLC Configuration Management Workgroup

  1. Defining structure e.g. Product structure

  2. Compositional variation

  3. Other capabilities e.g. extension of resource vocabularies

  4. Application towards the ALM-PLM main scenario

i) Create product

ii) Create product structure

iii) Create associated structures of product models and Requirements using OSLC AM and RM resource

iv) Associating products with change requests

v) Assigning product context to other OSLC resources

Vocabulary discussion

1. Resources included in the draft specification:

Product cf Item

Item is clearly more generic and could be a superclass. Product sets a clearer message of the role of the resource for ALM-PLM Interoperability. The CFM WG could adopt a wider term. Conclusion Product retained as the proposal .

Version cf ItemVersion

The original draft review of the OSLC Core extensions proposed using just the Version resource type, which reduced the number of resource types needed. This is our recommendation to the CM WG. Conclusion Version proposed to the CM WG.

View cf View

Ownership by CM WG needs to be decided. Recommend that CM WG take this on to enable cross-domain structures (views). To be resolved.

We reached here on 28/1/13

Restart here 18/2/13

At the Cfg Mnmngt WG of Feb 5th it was decided that use of View to support Product Structure is owned by the ALM-PLM Interoperability WG. The basic approach will be to deal with containment in the Cfg Mngmnt WG using the Linked Data Platform Container.

Part resource

Need is agreed. The main discussion has centred choosing a term - suggestions part, viewmember, view definition usage, occurrence

Resource relationships:


This relationship is proposed for any OSLC resource to be identified as a version of a base resource. For example used between a resource with types Product and Version and a base resource of type Product.


This relationship is proposed for a resource which represents compositional structure to be associated with its relevant version identifier resource. For example from a resource with types Product and Version to a resource with types Product and View

Alternative proposal: isViewOf for use from a resource with types Product and View to a resource with types Product and Version