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2014 January: 10 AM - 11:30 AM (Eastern); Friday, January 24
Virtual meeting details

This is the 7th meeting of the OSLC Member Section at OASIS Steering Committee.

Meeting Goals

  1. Elect a Treasure to handle the MS budget.
  2. Preview and discuss a possible ALM Data Model WG at open-services.net
  3. Review the status of OSLC Connect at the ALM Forum
    1. Decide whether to fund a booth in the Exhibit Hall
    2. Decide whether to fund a social networking event
  4. Review the status of affiliated TC creation


  • Attendees
  • Minutes
  • Summary

  • 1. Member Section Budget [[review|vote]: 10m]

    Executive Summary

    By Sean Kennedy

    The 2014 OSLC Member Section Spending Plan has been approved.

    Some notes from the confirmation email:

    During the course of the year, It is necessary for the StC to approve each separate funding request as it arises to ensure that the request continues to meet the expectations and goals of the Member Section.

    1. Funding Request:

      • Each funding request must be approved by the StC and documented.
      • This approval can take place at the monthly StC meetings and documented in the minutes or it can be done by ballot, which ever is appropriate.
    2. Authorization:

      • Once the StC has approved the use of Member Section Funds, the StC Chair must forward the request to OASIS management along with appropriate information so the service can be approved/contracted etc by staff.
      • Member Sections must not make financial commitments directly with any service provider.
    3. Disbursement of funds:

      • All Invoices and Requests for Reimbursement must be submitted to the StC who will review the requests (along with any TC review if applicable) and record approval of the deliverable.
      • The StC Chair will then forward the approved requests to OASIS for processing.
      • Emails should be sent to accounting@oasis-open.org.

    I have confirmed that the Steering Committee may designate one of its members, other than the Chair, to perform the tasks above.


    • Elect Rainer Ersch as the Treasurer with the following responsibilities:
      1. act in place of the Chair in the above-mentioned activities
      2. ensure the StC follows the correct process to hand funding requests
        (with help of the OSLC Operations Coordinator and OASIS Staff, as necessary)

    Projected Order of Business

    1. Review approved budget and funding request process
    2. Vote on proposal

    2. ALM Data Model Workgroup [[preview]: 25m]

    See also: File:Introducing_the_ALM_working_group.pdf

    2a Background and Context [[info]: 5m]

    Executive Summary

    Dave West to present.

    2b Using open-services.net workgroups [[info]: 5m]

    Executive Summary

    By Sean Kennedy

    1. Original plan in moving to OASIS was to have no more specification work at open-services.net.
    2. The Data Model WG wouldn’t be creating specs, but would use the WPA to provide a legal framework for discussions that are intended to go beyond scenarios.
    3. While there is no current demand, re-using the WPA for “incubator” specs could prove valuable.

    2c Overview of proposed Charter [[preview]: 5m]

    Executive Summary

    Dave West to present a summary based on this File:Charter_for_ALM_Working_Group_DRAFT.docx.

    2d Discussion [[info]: 10m]

    Proposed Order of Business

    Questions and discussion among the Steering Committee.

    3. OSLC Connect at ALM Forum [[discussion|vote]: 40m]

    3a Current Status [[info]: 10m]

    Executive Summary

    by Sean Kennedy

    5 OSLC-related sessions (3 full and 2 lightning) have been accepted on the Lifecycle Architecture & Integration Track (Mik’s):

    1. Better Integration through Open Interfaces, Steve Speicher, IBM
    2. Link, not Synch!, Arthur Ryman, IBM
    3. PROMCODE: An Open Platform for Large-Scale Contracted Software Delivery in Software Supply Chains, Mikki Aoyama, Nanzan University
    4. Facilitating Stockdale: Confronting and Overcoming the Brutal Facts of Continuous Improvement, Sean Kennedy, IBM
    5. Integration Principles and Reality, Ludmila Ohlsson, Ericsson

    At present, it does not appear likely that any other talks will be accepted on other tracks.

    Other notes:

    1. BoFs are still “coming” - we need to propose and vote for an OSLC BoF once that opens.
    2. There is a $300 discount for OASIS OSLC members, as of mid-January no one had registered using it.
    3. As Gold sponsors we get conference passes (in addition to a booth in the Exhibit Hall). (Speakers do not have to pay for their conference pass.)

    Projected Order of Business

    1. Update from Mik
    2. Update from Jane

    3b Exhibit Hall Booth [[discussion|vote]: 15m]


    Commit $1000 to fund a professional booth in the space provided for us as Gold sponsors. Use of those funds and how the booth will be staffed is to be given to the OSLC Connect Planning Committee (currently Jane & Sean).

    (Some additional info on booths: Jane’s email)

    Projected Order of Business

    1. Discussion
    2. Vote

    3c Social Event [[discussion|vote]: 15m]


    Commit $2000 to fund a social and networking event Monday evening at the ALM Forum. As we don’t know how well attended this will be, the money should be spent on an “as needed” basis, e.g. buying appetizers and a drink for the people who’ve shown up. Responsibility for planning and executing this even will be given to the OSLC Connect Planning Committee (currently Jane & Sean).

    Projected Order of Business

    1. Discussion
    2. Vote

    4. TC Creation Update [[info: 5m]

    Executive Summary

    by Sean Kennedy

    1. OSLC Change and Configuration Management TC in “Call for Participation”
      • closes January 28, first meeting February 4
      • proposers: fluidOps, PTC, IBM, EADS, Sodius
      • current members: IBM, PTC, Mentor Graphics, UPM
    2. OSLC Automation TC in “Call for Comments”
      • closes February 4
      • proposers: National Instruments, IBM, WSO2
    3. OSLC PROMCODE TC in “Call for Comments”
      • closes February 6
      • proposers: Nanzan University, IBM, Fujitsu, NEC


    Steering Committee

    • Rainer Ersch, Senior Research Scientist at Siemens
    • Andreas Keis, Head of Systems Engineering Processes and Platforms at Airbus Group
    • Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop
    • Bola Rotibi, Research Director at Creative Intellect
    • Mark Schulte, Associate Technical Fellow at Boeing Defense Systems
    • John Wiegand, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for IBM Rational (StC Chairman)

    Steering Committee Staff

    • Operations Coordinator, Sean Kennedy, IBM
    • Technical Coordinator, Steve Speicher, IBM


    • Dave West, Tasktop
    • Jane Harnad, OASIS Staff


    Detailed notes are privately available for the Steering Committee.
    Public minutes are below.

    1. Member Section Budget

    Given the limited responsibilities of the Chair, i.e. how OASIS staff handles most of the nitty-gritty work, the Steering Committee chose not to create a Treasurer role.

    2. ALM Data Model Workgroup

    For the last 2 years customers have been talking to Tasktop about the need for an ALM Data Model. This need has been driven by integration and data warehousing. When they attempted to create a group to collaborate on this discussion, IPR concerns were raised, which led to this proposal to re-use the open-services.net WPA to govern the group.

    The Data Model WG is meant to be complimentary to the existing OSLC specs, but while they have often approached things from the bottom up, the new WG will approach things from the outside in. While the scope is “all encompassing”, the WG will be scenario-driven (as all OSLC WGs have been), and by prioritization and “incremental publishing” it should be able to deliver value without getting caught up in trying to create a “Grand Theory of Everything”.

    Some other feedback:

    1. There must not be an impression that organizations must adopt this Data Model to use OSLC.
    2. Collecting and publishing “best practices” and providing A view on ALM can be highly valuable, especially for people who are wondering “where should I start”.
    3. Requiring the WPA, and its IPR commitments, instead of doing a User Group may make it more difficult for people to join: this is something that’ll need to be monitored and could be a cause for change.
    4. In the future, the scope could be expanded to cover product delivery in general, but to start the focus can be narrower.
      1. The Charter should reflect this present focus and future possibility.

    After incorporating the feedback and seeking additional co-founders, the final proposal can be reviewed (and if all is well approved) at a future Steering Committee meeting.

    3. OSLC Connect at ALM Forum

    3a Current Status

    OSLC is the most represented single (sub)topic in the conference program (leaving aside the large cross-cutting themes (buzzwords) like “Agile”, “DevOps”, etc.).

    While at the conference, we should make note of what topics really grab the audience’s attention to see how we can connect them to OSLC in the future.

    TODO: Sean is to build an agenda for the Steering Committee to assist them in justifying travel budget to attend, and also to make the most out of the trip once there.

    3b Exhibit Hall Booth

    Accepted Proposal: Allocate $1000 to use the OASIS backdrop and OSLC customization for a booth at the ALM Forum.

    (Votes: Andreas Keis, yes; Bola Rotibi, yes; John Wiegand, yes; Mark Schulte, yes; Mik Kersten, yes, Rainer Ersch, yes.)

    3c Social Event


    1. The event seems like a good idea, but the OSLC Connect Planning Committee needs to provide a more detailed plan.
    2. Instead of a private room, the goal should be to have the meeting in a public space so as to attract both the intentional and unintentional conference attendees.
    3. The event should take place at the conference hotel.
    4. That this is an OSLC event needs to be clearly visible, ideas:
      1. reusing a “pop-up” poster from the booth
      2. giving out buttons or other low-cost swag
      3. encouraging discussion about OSLC, especially having OSLC experts on hand
      4. some printed materials (probably just brought over from the booth)

    The Steering Committee has earmarked $2000 for this event, but will delay a vote until a more concrete plan is provided by the Planning Committee.


    Agreements and Consensus in this meeting

    1. Don’t create a Treasurer position
    2. Allocate $1000 for a booth in the exhibit hall at the ALM Forum
    3. Earmark, pending plan and final vote, $2000 for a social networking event at the ALM Forum

    Action Items from this meeting

    1. Sean: Work with the Steering Committee to build an agenda for them at the ALM Forum

    Future Agenda Topics from this meeting


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