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2013 December: 11 AM - 12:30 PM EST; Monday, December 9
Virtual meeting details

This is the 6th regular meeting of the OSLC Member Section at OASIS Steering Committee.

Meeting Goals

  1. Votes
    1. Affiliate the OSLC Core TC
    2. Accept the 2014 MS budget
  2. Updates & Discussion:
    1. TC creation progress
      1. OSLC Core created
      2. Pipeline: CCM and Automation in progess, RAQ to start soon
      3. ALM-PLM Interoperability
      4. PROMCODE (ne PROMIS)
    2. OSLC Connect
    3. liaisons: INCOSE and others


  • Attendees
  • Minutes
  • Summary

  • 1. OSLC Core TC Affiliation Request [vote: 0m]

    Executive Summary

    The OSLC Core TC has had its first meeting and has made a formal request to affiliate with the OSLC Member Section.
    The OSLC Steering Committee needs to accept or reject this request.


    On behalf of the OSLC Member Section, the Steering Committee accepts the request, and welcomes the OSLC Core TC as its first affiliated TC.

    Projected Order of Business

    1. Vote to be done electronically via the OASIS system.

    2. Funding for 2014 [[discussion|vote]: 10m]

    Executive Summary

    In the September meeting, the formal request to become a funded Member section was made. Pending formal confirmation and details (which we hope to have before this meeting), the budget has been approved by OASIS and the OSLC Member Section will become a funded Member Section for 2014.


    1. If the Steering Committee determines there is a need to allocate the budget differently, that is possible.
    2. Being funded in 2014 does not imply that the Member Section has to be funded in 2015.


    1. Given the approved budget, proceed with becoming a funded Member Section for 2014.
    2. Install Rainer Ersch as Treasurer (he had previously volunteered).

    Projected Order of Business

    1. Review, and discuss as needed, the approved budget and associated details.
    2. Vote on the proposals.

    3. Affiliated TC Creation [45m]

    3a OSLC Core TC Status Update [review: 5m]

    Executive Summary

    by Steve Speicher

    • TC is officially launched on Nov. 12, Arnaud Le Hors of IBM elected chair
    • Good diversity participants (total 31)
      • Members from: Ericsson, fluidOps, IBM, Mentor Graphics, Mitre, NIST, Sodius, Software AG, KTH, Tasktop, and UPM
      • Observers from 4 other organizations

    Projected Order of Business

    1. Update from Steve

    3b open-services.net Transition Pipeline [[review|discussion]: 10m]

    Executive Summary

    by Lin Ju

    1. OSLC CCM TC:
      • We have successfully recruited four organizations to join as co-founder of TC charter, including EADS, fluid Operations, Sodius, IBM.
      • The charter has submitted to OASIS on Dec. 3, 2013.
      • The first meeting is expecting to be held on Jan. 30, 2014.
    2. OSLC Automation TC:
      • We have successfully recruited IBM, National Instruments, and WSO2 to join as co-founder of TC charter.
      • Discussions with others to join as co-founder are under way.
      • The charter is targeted for submission to OASIS on Jan. 20, 2014.
    3. OSLC Requirements, Architecture, and Quality Management TC:
      • Initial discussions with open-services.net WG leads to start soon

    Projected Order of Business

    1. Update from Lin:
      1. Change and Configuration Management
      2. Automation
      3. Requirements, Architecture, and Quality Management
    2. Discussion

    3c Ideas for the ALM-PLM Interoperability WG [[review|discussion]: 15m]

    Executive Summary

    by Steve Speicher

    1. context Current ALM-PLM stalled
      • Awaiting some feedback on right structure to operate
      • Previously heavily focused on developing scenarios, leveraging existing domain specs, working with WGs to resolve gaps (baselines, configurations, versions, variants) and own definitions (Product, ProductVersion/Variant).
    2. What is the scope for future ALM-PLM Interoperability WG?
      • Develop and prioritize key scenarios for ALM-PLM interop
      • Identify gaps in existing domain TCs (or other standards)
        • Work to close gaps with appropriate group
      • Possibly develop some data model concepts (IP?)
      • Possibly have more of an official role at OASIS MS and leverage those in MS
    3. Options available
      • Continue as OSLC WG (WPA)
      • Move to OSLC User Group (MA)
      • OASIS TC
      • Disband
      • OASIS Member Section Subcommittee
    4. Recommendations and why
      • OASIS Member Section Subcommittee recommend
        • Pros: Leverage MS, has official status in MS and relationship to Steering Committee, good visibility, a bit lighter than TC to start and operate
        • Cons: non-IP, limited to OASIS members
      • Continue as OSLC WG (WPA)
        • Pros: already established, minimal setup, no OASIS membership required
        • Cons: has proven difficult for some participants, unclear future of WPA, may need some form of rechartering
      • Move to OSLC User Group (MA)
        • Pros: known infrastructure and minimal costs, no OASIS membership required, MA only
        • Cons: success of UG model unclear, limited visibility
      • OASIS TC
        • Pros: leverage OASIS members, IP commitment, visible outcome
        • Cons: unclear how much specification to be produced, IP commitment, requires OASIS membership
      • Disband
        • Pros: less WG/TC to manage
        • Cons: there is a clear need here

    Projected Order of Business

    1. Background, observations, and suggestions from Steve
    2. Discussion

    3d PROMCODE (ne PROMIS) Update [[review|discussion]: 15m]

    Executive Summary

    by Steve Speicher

    1. PROMCODE to submit proposed charter to OASIS
      • Consists of previous PROMCODE/PROMIS members as co-founders
      • Looking to narrowly work on PM problem within software supply chain
      • Will work to adopt/align with existing domain TC work
      • Could be input into broader PM activity, not as a goal but an observation. Realize if broader PM TC work would occur, they’d have to align.
    2. Will be requesting to be OSLC-affiliated TC
      • Recommend affiliating
    3. Current PROMCODE specification will be contributed to TC
      • Steve provided areas where better alignment could be achieved. Working with co-founders to address either pre-submission or within TC

    Projected Order of Business

    1. Technical and procedural update from Steve
    2. Discussion

    4. OSLC Connect Update [[review|discussion]: 10m]

    Executive Summary

    by Sean Kennedy and Jane Harnad

    1. ALM Forum
      • 17 submissions through our web form, there may have been others directly
        • (details sent through private mail)
        • most for the Lifecycle Architecture & Integration track (Mik’s)
        • 15 from IBM, 1 from Ericsson, 1 from Nanzan University (PROMCOE)
        • feedback: too little time for several folks to submit a proposal
      • discount code ($300 off) to be sent to the MS mailing list
      • OSLC logo has been on the conference website (Gold Sponsor) since early-November
      • OSLC will have booth space in the exhibit hall
        • includes table, chair, and drape
        • we have to provide/cover costs of other booth things, e.g. graphics/posters, electricity, A/V, badge reader … details to come later
        • we can get two OASIS OSLC conference passes for those who staff the booth
          • OASIS staff could do this, but their travel expenses would have to be covered somehow
        • OASIS has a “pop-up” booth that could be used; shipping costs would need to be covered
      • whether we get a half-page ad in the program guide is pending … more info to follow
      • we have the option to provide OSLC marketing material in the conference hand-outs package
        • have to design and cover printing costs
      • Formal or informal networking function is still an option.
        • Monday, 31 March was suggested as the best date to hold such a function (least amount of conflicting activities held on that evening).
        • This function could be as simple as picking up the tab in the Sheraton bar next door or possibly something more elaborate either at the Sheraton or another local venue.
        • ALM Forum has agreed to communicate our decision to all their attendees.
        • If we do decide to hold a networking function during the event, we will be responsible for any costs associated.
        • Sponsorship of this activity will need to be confirmed prior to committing.
    2. EclipseCon
      • (pending)

    Projected Order of Business

    1. Update from Sean
    2. Discussion

    5. Liaisons Update [[review|discussion]: 15m]

    Executive Summary

    by Sean Kennedy with files from Rainer Ersch

    As of Nov 29, there has been no word from OASIS General Counsel (Jamie Clark) on the draft response to INCOSE

    On ProSTEP, see the private email from November 14 for full details. That OSLC is now at OASIS was very well received and there is interest in starting a CAD/EDA user group. They already have a set of scenarios that would provide a starting point to identify needed extensions to existing OSLC specs. A follow up call was agreed to, but has yet to happen.

    A quick update on the 2nd European Conference on Interoperability for Embedded Systems Development Environments:

    • We had 2 keynotes (EuroSTEP, IBM), 1 invited talk (Ericsson) and tech talks mainly form iFEST, MBAT, and CRYSTAL projects.
    • The Event ended with a panel discussion about sustainable interoperability with panel members from different industries (tool providers and users), moderated by an analyst from UK.
    • The event was very well received with very positive feedback from the more than 50 attendees and speakers.
      • There were many requests for similar follow up activities and events.
    • General take-away from the conference is that many companies (users and tool providers) are working on the topic of interoperability of engineering environments.
      • The concept of a federated landscape (rather than centralized) connected via open standards is more and more seen as the approach most of them are aiming for.

    Projected Order of Business

    1. Update from Sean on INCOSE
    2. Update from Rainer on ProSTEP
    3. Discussion


    Steering Committee

    • Rainer Ersch, Senior Research Scientist at Siemens
    • Mark Schulte, Associate Technical Fellow at Boeing Defense Systems
    • John Wiegand, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for IBM Rational (StC Chairman)

    Steering Committee Regrets

    • Andreas Keis, Manager, Software Engineering at EADS Innovation Works UK
    • Bola Rotibi, Research Director at Creative Intellect
    • Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop

    Steering Committee Delegates

    • David Green, VP of Architecture at Tasktop

    Steering Committee Staff

    • Operations Coordinator, Sean Kennedy, IBM
    • Technical Coordinator, Steve Speicher, IBM


    • Lin Ju, IBM
    • Jane Harnad, OASIS


    Detailed notes are privately available for the Steering Committee.
    Public minutes to follow …


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