HistoryViewLinks to this page 2013 March 6 | 09:54 am

Agenda 6 March

  • Updates on participation
  • New issues (see here)
    • RM Vocabulary document not up-to-date
  • Approach to adopting V3
    • Review of V3 status? Clarification of V3 Timelines - “Finalization Draft by 1h2013”.
    • Impact on OSLC RM V2.0? How can we provide some guidance to teams considering V3 adoption?
  • Scenario development
    • Requirement Hierarchy
      • Hierarchical representation of requirements - Ordered n-ary trees?
      • Creation and management of QM resources that qualify. Bulk resource handling? Propose to document these RM/QM scenarios. Demo of similar capability in DOORS/RQM?
      • Creation and management of CM resources that implement or realize
      • Elaboration with AM resources
  • How to make progress with Eclipse Lyo?

Attendees and Minutes

Jim, Dominic, Michael, Ian, Clyde


Jim: customer visibility - suggestion to reach out to those have customer visibility. (Field and support teams. Here’s how your customer can benefit from participation in the workgroups.) Sales teams, ISSR etc. Clyde: ISD are more likely participate in the details. Jim: should the scenario development be done in across the lifecycle? Michael: put up a skeleton on the wiki and get someone to lead it.

Action: Ian to fix the RDFS document. (Mike to let Ian know the process.)

Action: Mike: Guidance or goal on backwards compatibility of the V3 specification. Need an RM page that documents issues/questions on sub-scenarios that might be affected by actual or proposed change.

Action: Jim to provide update on the linking direction.

Clyde: requests to create and copy modules query over modules.

Action: Ian to articulate the scenarios for RM/QM. Clyde: what about the PLE scenarios?

Mike: sample consumes for RRC and DOORS. Rm coverage in the test suite. Could do with a reference implementation for RM based on OSLC4j.