HistoryViewLinks to this page 2013 July 29 | 12:28 pm

Bi-weekly RM Workgroup Meeting, 29th July

Please send agenda items to Ian.


  • Review action items from 17th June


Ian, Jim, Yuri, Dominic, Vincent, Scarlett, Gabriel


Discussion of V&V. Ian to make some comments on Scarlett’s page verified/validates. Jim : does ieee have any vocabularies that we could adopt to make our oslc usage more crisp? If we wanted to distinguish, we would need to devise or adopt new vocabulary. cf OMG and the SysML vocabulary terms which DM implements. Such “facades” bring with them a need to migrate vocabularies when the standards body publishes a vocabulary.

All: comment/review Scarlett’s http://open-services.net/wiki/requirements-management/Requirement-Validation-Scenarios-for-OSLC-RM-v3-Specification/

Jim: RDM allows viewpoints to be created. How would we formalize this in OSLC resource model? Important characterisrtic of viewpoints “ordering” and “sub-containers”. Action Ian to make a page where DM and RM examples can be explored in more detail. Action Yuriy - give some examples from SysML. Action: Ian to talk to Doron about SA. (What about other applications e.g., FocalPoint?)