HistoryViewLinks to this page 2013 February 25 | 04:29 am

Agenda 20th Feb

  • Organization (Participation etc.)
  • Topics for this year
    • OSLC Core V3.0
    • Lyo
    • Resource design for “specification” resource.
    • Vocabulary development (Automotive, Mil-Aero)


Attendees: Ian, Steve, Dominic, Michael


Reach out to vendors for wider participation.

Parallel and overlap with ReqIF effort might be source of increased collaboration. Agreed to pursue this, perhaps with proposal of an “educational” presentation on OSLC.

Idea of cross-domain industry vocabularies. Agreed this is valuable and way for wider group of participants to contributed to specification development.

Michael would like to follow the Auotmation WG example and develop specs and reference implementation & test suites together.

Need RI and test suite and as a pre-req to finalization.