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Agenda 17 April

  • Updates on participation
    • Stefan Paschke (Virtual Vehicle), Vincent B Phan (IBM)
  • New issues (see here)
    • no new issues
  • Scenario walkthrough and discussion of RmGenericAppDevScenario


Ian, Dominic, Jim, Yuriy, Clyde Apologies: Michael Fielder


Jim described the scenario. This scenario comes from a customer. It is the “hello world” noddy example that touches all the domains.

Review seems to be central. where does this flow get explored?

Role of “affects”.

Jim would like other scenarios to explore impact analysis and suspicion, but let’s focus on the simple case first.

Ian: where is the specification. Jim thinks that these are different role - low-level design versus enterprise architect

Bob needs to be involved in the review of the design.

After step 4, there is a bifurcation of asset creation.

Document in a separate flow a more complex flow (eg requirements specification). When relationships between resources must be isomorphic.

Write out specific resources which support this basic flow. What are the resources and what the links.

Another gap: implementation/source code. in this simple flow Deb builds and implementation and then tests it. What are the oslc assests that represent that implementation. Could we elaborate this so that when Tanju tests, he tests on different platforms. we’d look at the forensics to try to figure out what went wrong.

We need a simple picture which shows the things necessary to support this scenario.