HistoryViewLinks to this page 2013 May 1 | 10:07 am

Agenda 1 May


Present: Clyde, Paul, Dominic, Yuriy, Gabriel

Apologies: Jim


Action on Ian to annotate the dev scenario with RM resources and link types.

Action on Yuriy to annotate with SysML (defined in the jazz.net namespace, and currently used by Rhapsody and DOORS) link types, with a brief explanation of usage, as defined by SysML.

Paul: Explained about RQM test plan and master test plans. What about baselines and configurations? Should we bear this in mind because it might affect the scenario. How about some education session from CM workgroup?

Action on Edgar to do a session on Eclipse Lyo, from an RM perspective Will advertise in advance for irregular attendees

Clyde: What are the differences between our providers? Can we make things easier for our partners? Should there be additional levels of compliance which allow users to impose stricter requirements. (What does the core say about this?) Is there a need to define something like a profile which indicates support for important use cases?