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Here are some of the key terms used in RDM - we make no claims to provenance and/or authority. See also wikipedia for other terms.


Analysis - A process by which knowledge is acquired (for example, modelling something).

Implementation Change Request - A workitem which calls for an implementation-related activity to be carried out.

Integration - A build of software, hardware or a combination thereof.

Link - A relationship between information items. A link is one way in which traceability can be created, and generally navigable in a multitude of ways (a binary link would be navigable in both directions, for example).

Qualification - method that measures hardware and/or software performance and/or functionality under specific configurations after the controlled application of known stimuli. Results are collected and compared against success criteria and then evaluated to determine the degree of compliance.

Qualification Change Request - A workitem which calls for the creation or modification of one or more software, hardware, test step, or combination thereof.

Product - A set of implemented integrated worktems (hardware, software, of combination thereof).

Requirement - A statement of need.

Requirement Change Request - A workitem which calls for the creation or modification of one or more requirements

Requirement Collection - An abstract package or grouping of requirements which have some meaning ascribed to them in the context of requirements management. For example, a System Requirements Specification is a Requirement Collection.

Requirements Definition - The elicitation, clarification and synthesis of requirements.

Requirements Management - Iterative process of defining, allocating, tracking, controlling, and verifying clear requirements that meet all of the customers’ expectations and contractual obligations.

Test case - A set of statements defining how a workitem is to be demonstrated for qualification.

Test plan - statement of what is required in order to demonstrate that a need has been satisfied.

Traceability - Relationships between information items.


  • OSLC - Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration
  • RD - Requirements Definition
  • RDM - Requirements Definition and Management. Refers to the disciplines of RD and RM
  • RM - Requirements Management