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  • Any issue before making the spec final ?


Attendees: Julie Bielski, Marek Smet, Tuan Dang

  • Do we need a test suite before we can make the spec final ?
    • (Tuan) per discussion with Arwe, test suite not needed for this version of the spec as all current implementers are releasing this quarter. Can work on creating a test suite as part of next version. Steve Speicher thinks that we should have a test suite to help new implementers.
      • Existing workgroup members and implementers would like this version of the spec to be final as the 1Q2013 product releases should point to a final spec. Test suite and additional guidance can be added as othersjoin the workgroup.
      • Action: Tuan to work with Steve/John to get spec to final
    • (Julie) Having a test suite might help with issues products are seeing in integration test phase. (Tuan) issues are mainly with population of properties, not with use/non-use of naming rules
    • (Tuan, Marek) The JazzSM product has code that checks that the properties are populated according to the guidance doc and automatically transforms to correct format. We should discuss if this is something that we can give to the workgroup.
      • Action: Tuan to add to issues list as DEFFERED item