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  • Implementers registering loopback ip addresses when creating crtv:ComputerSystem and crtv:IPAddress resources
  • Naming rules that are using context relationships (i.e. naming properties refer to another resource ) impacting performance
  • Reconciliation spec uses resource oslc_asset:Asset but with crtv properties
  • Any remaining comments on 2.0 spec


Attendeed : Joe Ross, Tuan Dang

  • Providers are creating crtv:ComputerSystem resources and adding loopback addresses in crtv:ipAddress and crtv:fqdn. The loopback information is not useful to clients and can cause invalid reconciliation ( you can’t say that 2 crtv:ComputerSystems with ip addresses can be reconciled ). Action: Tuan to broadcast to mailing list. Proposal is to note in guidance doc that providers should not use loopback addresses for reconciliation purposes.
  • Naming properties that refer to other resources ( Most folks in the workgroup use the term “naming context” ) impact performance of the reconciliation engine. Main issue is that you now have to lock more than one resource and have to lock all threads except one when processing. Action: This does not affect the 2.0 spec but should be a continuing discussion for the workgroup. Joe to start discussion on mailing thread.
  • Tuan to verify with AM workgroup to they are ok with our use of oslc_asset:Asset
  • Most comments from John Arwe have been addressed by splitting part of the spec into a supporting document on Guidance. No further comments from Joe. Action: Tuan to work with Speicher/Arwe to put Reconciliation doc in finalization